Homicide and Crime Rates in LA are Going Up

The homicide rate is beginning to climb back up in Los Angeles. The city has experienced spikes before, but has enjoyed a long period of decline until recent years. Now, after more than a decade of dropping numbers, an upward trend is being seen.

Homicide Rates

Homicide rates since 1980
Homicide Rates From 1980 to 2015

Historically, murder rates had stayed under 1000 after 1980. That changed in 1992 when gang crime and the L.A. Riots contributed to 1,094 murders in the city! In the years that followed, the number of homicides fell off again until 1995 when the rate went up to 852. By the year 2000, though, it had dropped back down to 550.

Los Angeles experienced a spike in 2002 with 654 murders. The rate fell steadily after that, though, throughout the 2000s. However, in 2014 and 2015, the number of homicides began to rise again. In 2013 there were 251. The number has gone up to 260 and 283 in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Rise in Other Crimes

homicide rates are risingBut it’s not just the homicide rates that are going up. Since 2014, rates have risen for the number of rapes, assaults and robberies.

Just as is the case with homicides, rape cases saw a general decline throughout the 2000s, as well. In 2014, though, the number increased from 764 the previous year to 1,126. In 2015, it jumped 9.1 percent to 1,649.

In fact, the total number of aggravated assaults in 2015, 13,569, was a whopping 27.8 percent increase from 2014. That year the number was at 10,615.

Looking Froward

This year, officials are already concerned about violent crime rates across the country. WashingtonPost.com reports that:

The number of homicides increased in the first months of 2016 in more than two dozen major U.S. cities, going up in places that also saw spiking violence last year… the numbers were particularly grim for a handful of places — Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas.

If rates continue to go up as they have since 2014, it could begin to create a burden on law enforcement agencies already dealing with tight budgets. Communities will need to turn to private security to help fill in the gaps.

Are you curious how private security guards can protect your family, your business and your employees? Call us today at 877-722-8585 to talk to a security professional about the solutions we provide.

Training Employees to Make Your Workplace Safer & More Secure

The California Department of Industrial Relations has issued Guidelines for Workplace Security. They believe, “Workplace violence has become a serious occupational health problem requiring the combined efforts of employers, employees, labor unions, government, academic researchers and security professionals. The problem cannot be solved by government alone.”

Between 2000 and 2004, homicides were the leading cause of work-related deaths in California. During that same period, work-related homicides that involved a gun accounted for nearly 80% of all the deaths in the state.

You may have a legal obligation to safeguard your employees, and may have to demonstrate that you are taking steps to do so. Many businesses have taken that important first step of hiring a security company to provide onsite guards.

Other actions you can take include:

  • Installing brighter lighting in your parking lot,
  • Issuing photo ID badges to employees,
  • Furnishing coded key cards for building access,
  • Providing training on workplace safety.

With these steps in place, you can prove you are proactive about safety and security.

More importantly than physical security additions, it’s important for employees to understand criminals. They will, after all, strike when it best suits them.

Your employees need to understand that they might be targeted when coming and going from the office, in elevators, seldom used stairwells or quiet parking structures. Security guards can’t be everywhere.

When everyone is aware of suspicious behavior and trained to lookout for it, the likelihood of averting criminal attacks becomes higher.

Personal doesn’t end at your property line, though. In today’s world, there are many employees that work from home, or telecommute. The “safety mindset” that you’re trying to create applies to these employees, as well.

Often, because they are not traveling to an office, work-from-home employees believe they are insulated from work-related safety risks. This belief can make telecommuters complacent. Because their productivity is important to your business, their home security should be, as well. Make sure these employees are included in your training with content appropriate to their situation.

Some safety topics that should be addressed include:

  • Understanding that crime is a planned process and helping employees recognize pre-crime surveillance behavior by criminals;
  • Understanding the “victim-selection” process, and stopping it;
  • Recognizing threats;
  • Situational Escalation versus De-escalation;
  • Developing strategies for employees who open the business early, or close it late;
  • Safety in elevators, parking lots and other areas;
  • For those employees that travel, selecting the right hotel room and travel safety;
  • Recognizing and avoiding domestic violence spill over into the workplace;
  • Dealing with questionable strangers in isolated environments;
  • Working from home;
  • How to deal with erupting violence at a client’s facility.

To ensure the safety of your employees and customers, management must commit to taking safety steps and providing employee training. It will require the day-to-day involvement of managers, supervisors, employees and labor unions.

American Security Force’s consulting services can help assess the security threats your business faces, and develop a custom plan that ensures your employees safety and security. Call today at 877-722-8585 to set up an appointment.







Best Security Guard Company in Los Angeles and Southern California

Security agent watching Los Angeles downtown areaAs one of the leading providers of specialized security solutions in Southern California, American Security Force believes that hiring a security company is more than just a business expenditure. It is an investment that goes towards protecting your company’s assets and personnel. To justify that investment you need to know that you are getting value for the security dollars you’re spending.

To ensure you get that value, choose your security provider wisely. Look for a security company that will place the needs of your organization first, and one that will be transparent and reactive through the course of their service to you.

As you assess security providers, make sure the communication channels with them are open before you sign the contract. Are you comfortable dealing with them? Gauge their responses as you ask them about their services.  Are your questions being answered in a way that alleviates your concerns?

You will want your security partner to listen to your needs, goals and concerns and then provide you with solutions that are appropriate to your situation. If they have no recommendations, perhaps this is not the best company for you

When interviewing companies, ask them how they support their security guards in the field. What type of people do they hire for guard positions? Does the company invest in security training for its personnel? Are the guards equipped with everything they need to do their jobs properly? Do they use new technology?

These are important questions because it will be the guards who will implement the security plan at your property. Knowing how the security company supports them informs you of how the guards will perform. A security provider that empowers their employees to do their job correctly will have guards with better attitudes that will go the extra mile for the client, and be better able to provide the appropriate level of service.

If you’re curious about the particular guards that will be posted at your property, ask to meet them.

Nowadays scammers can even come to your house and pretend to represent security companies.

Above all, trust your gut. If you feel uncomfortable about any aspect of the proposed security service, don’t sign the contract. Talk to another company.

American Security Force is proud to offer highly trained and professional security guards to businesses throughout Southern California. Our goal is to provide innovative and custom-crafted security solutions that meet your needs. Our guards are equipped with the latest technology that allows for real-time, remote monitoring.

Find out how we can help you with your security needs. Call American Security Force today at 877-722-8585.

Film and TV Production Security Company in Los Angeles

film production security los angeles, film set security, movie set security protection hollywoodTalk about touristy locations. Film studios and film sets are always teeming with tourists, bystanders, crowds, and traffic. Everyone always trying to get a glimpse of movie stars and or the next big silver screen blockbuster.

On top of it all, Sunshine. Warm temperatures. Palm trees…and TV and film. Southern California has it all!

The beautiful weather makes it the ideal place for film production. With that, though, comes curiosity from the public. The hope of meeting celebrities, or seeing a film or TV show produced, prompts fans to trespass or engage in activities they might not normally do.

Like any business, time is money for TV and film crews. When fans disturb production shoots, the lost time increases costs. Security is needed to allow the cast and crew to work undisturbed both on the studio grounds and when they are on location. Security also ensures the safety of the production equipment, which is an investment of millions.

American Security Force has been providing security to TV and film productions for years. Like this industry, we are also located in Los Angeles, and understand the industry and its needs. Our highly trained and professional guards can keep fans at a distance, away from productions, and allow them to proceed smoothly.

Security guards from American Security Force understand the need for privacy and secrecy. We recognize that some film and TV productions don’t want information or images leaked from the set and uploaded to the internet as “spoilers.” To avoid this, we can create the right team of security guards in Los Angeles that will keep your set secure, and patrol for those looking to invade your privacy.

As you can see in the video of the film production of Captain America in Washington DC, whenever the public sees filming in communities that are not common for film productions, there are usually crowds of hundreds of people/fans watching whats going on. Sometimes, this can be a problem if your film production has less than adequate security.

When shooting on location, our guards prove particularly handy. They are skilled at crowd control and will keep curious on-lookers at a distance, while protecting personnel and vehicles involved in the production. But the cast and crew are not the only people that need safeguarding.

Film and TV sets, whether they take place at the studio or on location, can be dangerous places for those not familiar with them. Hot, heavy lights, cables strewn across the ground, and high voltage wiring can all cause injury to those who are not familiar with sets. Our guards are able to provide protection to both the production and to those who pass by. This services safeguards against lawsuits due to injury to the public.

It is an enduring business, with an image of glamor that attracts enthusiastic fans. We understand how to provide security for productions, and are here ready to provide our expertise. To learn more about how we can keep your next project safe, call American Security Force at 877-722-8585.

Is Personal Protection or Bodyguards Needed in Los Angeles?

Being a celebrity or person of importance can be fun at time, but it can also attract unwanted or even downright dangerous situations?

personal protection bodyguard hireEvery now and then you’ll see breaking news of a famous person who was attacked, stalked, or was a victim of a break-in or robbery.

Sometimes, it’s not a question of “what if,” it’s a question of “when?”

And if you’re super famous with a heavy presence on social media and constantly posting selfies, people from all over the world have access to your location by monitoring your tweets, instagram, and facebook check-ins.

Social media “ups the ante” and makes your presence known to even crazy people around the world.

Famous celebrity Kim Kardashian was robbed by a group of robbers at her private hotel in Paris, France on October 3, 2016.

CCTV video footage of the robbers making their getaway on bikes was released soon after thanks to video obtained by TMZ.

For Kardashian, being that famous, and beautiful, it was a question of “when?” A personal bodyguard is a forgone conclusion and, in her case, the question really becomes, “how many bodyguards do I need?”

In her case, one bodyguard was not enough to defend against 5 assailants. A team of personal protection is needed. Kardashian’s bodyguard is being sued by her insurer AIG for over $6 million dollars.

If you follow the news at all, you’ve read or seen other surprising stories about security lapses at high-level institutions. In October, a lone gunman raced into the Canadian Parliament where he shot and killed a soldier before he himself was killed.

Last September a man climbed the fence outside of the White House and celebrity bodyguard los angeles, vip protection hollywoodactually made it inside. There have been a number of incidents where others have jumped the same fence but were stopped on the White House grounds.

But perhaps the most daring incident occurred in 2009 when Tareq and Michaele Salahi actually slipped past security to attend a state dinner where they mingled with the president, vice president and staff.

The breach was considered one of the worst White house breaches on record.

Fortunately, none of the White House security breaches resulted in anyone being harmed. But they easily could have.

Video of Tareq and Michaele Salahi’s famous White House crash.

These are stories about high-level security teams being thwarted. People can be daring, and if someone wants to get to you, they will find a way. The Canadian Parliament and White House can beef up their existing security. But if you are a person of note, what can you do to keep yourself and your family safe?

Personal protection and bodyguard services Los Angeles

American Security Force provides personal protection services and or bodyguards, to business leaders, VIPs and celebrities in Southern California for decades.

Our service not only gives you protection, but also ensures your privacy while you are in public.

Our highly trained, alert guards are skilled at identifying suspicious behavior in those around you. This ability gives them a proactive edge, and enables them to make preventive decisions that remove or negate potential threats.

Bodyguards from American Security force can also allow you to let your guard down and enjoy yourself in public, while they look after your wellbeing. Our bodyguards will even intervene, if you so desire, and save you from embarrassing situations that could end up on social media, or in the tabloids.

Our security doesn’t necessarily end when you arrive at home, either. Providing security where you live can also be part of our service. Our bodyguards can be on the job anywhere, at anytime.

When you call American Security Force, we’ll work with you to identify security weaknesses in your daily routine that you might not be aware of. We’ll design an individualized plan that suits your public and privates needs.

It’s a dangerous world full of people looking to do harm for a variety of reasons. Don’t let it happen to you or your loved ones. Call American Security Force today at 877-722-8585 to learn how we can create a personalized security plan for you.




The Importance of Video for Keeping Your Property Secure

how to keep your property secure with video surveillanceThere’s been a lot of news about body cameras for police and security personnel in the last few months. We’ve written about it here ourselves. Those pushing for that move feel that the video from wearable cameras would help prove the guilt or innocence of those arrested, and document the behavior of police and security officers.

But it is not just video from body cameras that is of value. Last fall, we saw how video from a few casino security cameras impacted the domestic violence case against Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice. The video clearly showed his behavior towards his wife that night.

The importance of video footage can’t be over stated. Video can provide something that an eye witness is not able to do: Deliver empirical, unimpeachable evidence from the scene of an event.

Witnesses have human memories, and they can often forget details or can remember things incorrectly. Video records an event as it happened, without the bias of an observer. Video can serve as clear documentation of what transpired.

Video of Ray Rice gets released from the Baltimore Ravens

Remote surveillance security Los Angeles

For those Southern California businesses interested in video documentation, American Security Force offers several services.  Wireless cameras with high resolution are used as part of our Remote Monitoring service.

The video is monitored and/or recorded remotely by our security officers at our state-of-the-art command center. Officers at our center are able to call the authorities if a situation calls for it.

Our Remote Surveillance Security service involves a leading-edge mobile tracking system. This mobile unit contains sensitive motion detectors and automated cameras with night-vision. The video is sent to our command via cellular or internet and is monitored and recorded there by highly trained officers.

Officers on patrol can also be equipped with a mobile phone app that we developed called GuardTrack. Guard Track allows onsite officers to communicate with bulky two-way radios. It also provides a means for officers to record reports while onsite.

But perhaps GuardTrack’s most intriguing feature is its ability to record and upload video in real time.

All of these cost-effective services allow managers and clients to view and record what is happening at their property. But more importantly, they provide business owners and property managers with peace of mind. They know their property is secure while they are away.

If you’re looking for a company that offers specialized security solutions, such as video recording, remote monitoring and surveillance, then call American Security Force today at 877-722-8585.