Executive Protection and Intelligence Services

Your Safety, Productivity, and Well-being: Our Prime Commitment

At American Security Force, we offer a holistic suite of executive protection and intelligence services. Designed for round-the-clock coverage throughout the year, our primary objective is to guarantee our clients’ safety, efficiency, and well-being, regardless of their location or the challenges they face.

Tailored Executive Safeguards

With over two decades of collective industry experience, our team of seasoned professionals harnesses insights from diverse fields, including corporate security, military, and law enforcement. This confluence of expertise ensures that our protection strategies are both robust and tailored.

We believe in a client-centric approach. By understanding individual risks, corporate ethos, and the unique needs of the executives we serve, our protection programs are adaptable, global, and can be scaled promptly based on evolving requirements.

In Safe Hands, Everywhere

Beyond the standard travel assistance, our travel security services are about ensuring peace of mind every step of the journey. From transportation to accommodation, every detail is meticulously planned and executed by our in-house team or through partnerships with thoroughly vetted professionals.

With us, you can expect unparalleled security, productivity, and adaptability, wherever your ventures lead.


    Home is where the heart is, and it’s our duty to keep it safe. Be it your primary residence or any other property, our integrated executive protection services extend to safeguarding your personal spaces.

    Our strategies encompass a blend of technology, workforce, and rigorous procedures. With a keen eye on potential risks and vulnerabilities, our team crafts personalized protective measures, ensuring both your and your family’s security.


    Knowledge is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to security – it is of utmost importance. Our dedicated intelligence wing consistently monitors and reports on global security dynamics.

    Whether integrated into our protection services or offered as a standalone intelligence analysis, our focus remains on risks and developments that might affect businesses, individuals, or assets.

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    What our clients say about us

    Mike Ross


    “So glad I hired the proper security company, American Security Force has been dependable through the renovation project. I have another build and they will be my go-to guys for the next long project” - Avengers, Los Angeles

    Raven L


    Had the security guard arrive on in uniform, exceptionally prompt. Responded quickly to my security need that same day. I fully recommend this company.” - Raven L., Los Angeles