Remote Drone Docking Station

Advanced Remote Drone Docking Station: Revolutionizing Security with Patented Technology

American Security Force introduces a cutting-edge Remote Drone Dock Station, a game-changer in surveillance and security operations. Designed for versatile applications including security surveillance, emergency response, and infrastructure monitoring, our technology offers unparalleled control and flexibility.

Our patented remote drone docking solution can be used individually or in combination with our security personnel to enhance the efficiency of our security guards and patrols.

Patent-Backed Drone Docking Stations

Our Drone Based Security System, patented under US 10,607,461 B2 (Mar. 31, 2020), offers advanced, reliable security solutions. Key components include:

  • Drone Docking Station, facilitating drone launch, return, charging, and data transmission, linking drones to your security infrastructure
  • Autonomous Drones, equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced navigation to provide extensive monitoring and quick response
  • Intelligent Flight Control System for navigation, obstacle avoidance, and adaptive flight management
  • Real-Time Data Transmission of live video & audio to the control center for immediate situational awareness and decision-making
  • Energy Management with automated return-to-base & recharge functions, ensuring extended operation & energy efficiency
  • User Interface and Control Software, adaptable to various security scenarios
  • Integration with Existing Security Systems, enhancing security without extensive modifications to current setups

Drone Technology Features & Applications

  • Thermal Imaging: Unveils hidden threats even in complete darkness.
  • People Detection Analytics: Identifies and tracks individuals to ensure safety and security.
  • License Plate Recognition: Monitors and manages vehicular access efficiently.
  • Parking Monitoring and Utilization: Oversees parking spaces for optimized utilization.
  • Audio Recording and Two-Way Intercom: Facilitates communication and records audio for evidence and analysis.
  • Live and Re-Recorded Audio Broadcast: Delivers real-time or pre-recorded announcements as necessary.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Continuous operation powered through automatic return to drone docking station and recharging.
  • Tracking Capabilities: Tracks movement and activities for improved situational awareness.
  • Visitor Management: Manages visitors effectively ensuring authorized access.
  • Durable Exterior: Designed to blend with business aesthetics while withstanding harsh conditions.
  • Autonomous Night/Weekend Patrols: Provides unwavering vigilance during off-hours.
  • Mobile Apps for Data Review and Storage: Allows easy retrieval, review, and storage of machine-generated data for forensic or event-documenting purposes.

BENEFITS OF our Remote Drone Docking Stations

Extended 360-Degree Video

A panoramic view combined with thermal imaging, eliminating the chance of blind spots in surveillance

Advanced Energy Management

Autonomous docking & charging, providing extended operational time and enhanced energy efficiency

Versatile Surveillance Applications

Adaptable for a wide range of surveillance tasks in diverse locations, environments, and situations

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