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What Security Patrol Services Can Do For Your Business

Security patrol services are an absolute necessity for any type of business that deals with regularly with the public, has many employees, office districts, shady areas, and or has parking lots and parking structures.

Malls, hospitals, government buildings that deals with lots of foot traffic, touristy spots, and more.

Most businesses fit this mold in one way or another. You can never be too safe and not only will your employees be happy and feel safer with a solid patrol security service, the public will feel safer from the moment they park their cars to the moment the step foot inside your business.

Businesses small and large can benefit from the protection of security patrol services. The mere presence of a trained patrol officer can discourage someone from vandalizing and stealing your property or hurting your employees or patrons.

At American Security Force we understand that thriving businesses are the backbone of Los Angeles, and we want to help create a customized safety plan for companies of all sizes and industries. Our flexibility and fully customizable security patrol service options is an indication of how seriously we take the protection of not only your physical assets, but your reputation in the community.

The type of security you employ will speak volumes about how you value your product, your patrons, and your employees. Allow us to form a protection plan that identifies security weaknesses and strengthens your defense strategy so that we can prevent crime before it happens.

On-site security guard services in California

The Benefits Of Security Patrol Services

Our security services can be an advantage for multiple types of businesses. Some of the most popular reasons a client may need us include:

  • A small business seeking quality service on a budget
  • A larger company looking revamp their safety strategy
  • A retail store interested in loss prevention
  • Companies that suspect internal theft
  • 24-hour establishments that want to protect employees and customers
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Why You Need American Security Force Patrol Security Services

Business security may cause some owners to hesitate and consider whether or not it is worth the investment. If you are wondering if your business would benefit from a safety plan, consider these facts:

  • Hayes International Annual Retail Theft Survey indicates that nearly $18 billion dollars in retail loss are due to shoplifting.
  • A study presented at the Annual Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Meeting suggests that the average employee theft from small businesses is $20,000 per year.
  • According to a report by Insurance Information Institute, arsonists cause $729 million in damages to property.
  • U.S. Small Business Administration says that a single incident of vandalism costs businesses an average of $3,370 for repairs

Take a look at these facts and ask yourself if your business can afford to skimp on quality security services. American Security Force is committed to providing each client with an affordable plan that suits your unique needs and budget. We know that every business is unique; with its own reputation in the community, its own consistent patrons, and its own security weaknesses. What is threatening or dangerous for a large company may not be an issue for a smaller business. But, in order to grow, it’s important to know what you are at risk for now and what you have to look forward to in the future. American Security Force is prepared to create a security plan that maintains flexibility and adaptability as we find long-term solutions for constant security problems (like vandalism) and short-term solutions for problems only active when you are at certain profit margins.

Customized Security Patrol Services

An onsite security officer can offer many safeguards in addition to patrolling the perimeter of the property. The regular presence of one of our security guards can include:

  • Conduct patrols of the interior and exterior of the business
  • Provide assistance in emergency situations
  • Protect your business from trespassing and other criminal activity
  • Monitor surveillance cameras
  • Offer 24-hour employee protection
  • Establish a standard or random security routine
  • Safeguard businesses from internal theft
  • Work as loss prevention
  • Unarmed options available

What You Should Expect From Our Security Patrol Team

American Security Force understands that our clients deserve only the best. To ensure that we are providing the best protection possible, we make sure that our personnel is licensed and trained. American Security Force does not offer “mindless muscle” or an empty-headed uniform with a weapon. We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to the needs of our customers — not all businesses need heavy security. What’s more, not all businesses who need heavy security need to have it flaunted. For every business that desires a plainclothes, unarmed security patrol, there is another who requires a uniformed, non-lethal security patrol. Our personnel and protection plans cater to your needs and your reputation with constant and consistent training that covers a multitude of threat types. Our guarantee includes:

  • Highly skilled, licensed security guards
  • Ongoing training to strengthen techniques
  • Ability to identify and remedy security breaches
  • Capable of disarming and de-escalating situations
  • Protecting employees and patrons from dangerous criminals
  • Identifying and solving cash loss within the company
  • 24-hour protection for after-hour safety

Security Patrols in Los Angeles has years of experience in the criminal trends that hurt businesses in this city. You need a company that knows how to read and rate internet threats. You need a company that trains its personnel to identify potentially dangerous personality ticks, micro expressions, and body language. You need a company that can de-escalate risky situations to minimize damage to your property, time, finances, and public image. You need a company who recognizes that the type of security you employ can help, or hurt, your business’s image.
Security Patrol in LA offers a consistent presence that doesn’t interfere with running your business. We excel in creating a balance of professionalism, safety, and privacy with fully customizable options for the kind of protection that protects your business without scaring off potential patrons.

How To Hire American Security Force

If your business is located in the Los Angeles area, we would love the opportunity to work for you! To hire us for your security patrol needs, call us at 1-877-722-8585 or fill out the form on the right. We’ll be in touch about the next steps for customizing your efficient and affordable security plan. Let’s work together to make your business secure.

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