Security Personnel Selection

The selection processes is an assessment of each applicant’s character, ability, reputation, habits, and associates. They are required to take a oral and written examinations, as well as a complete thorough background investigation. In addition, a complete criminal history check through the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Security and Investigative Service is conducted. An assessment of each applicant’s profile and training is then made to ascertain if their background and prior employment is adequately suited to your company’s specific needs.

Additionally, all of our officers receive extensive training to develop their interpersonal relation skills so that they will be discreet and non confrontational in situations requiring their intervention. Although the aforementioned seems more than sufficient, we go even further in ensuring quality service. Each shift has a patrolling supervisor who is accountable for the activities of officers assigned to his/her shift.

Overall We believe that an effective training program is the best way to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. The better trained our personnel are, the most capable our organization is, this, in turn, enables us to better serve our clients.

Training is critically important, on going process requiring the full time, concentrated effort of a dedicated manager.

Our senior training officer is a hands-on professional who is responsible for the development and implementation of campy training programs.

Every Los Angeles security officer at American Security Force is enrolled in structured programs, from a new employee orientation to specially designed, site-specific continuing education programs.

The senior training officer continually tracks progress, and the training flow is adjusted to allow each officer the opportunity to achieve the desired results.

Ultimately, officers who excel are placed into a demanding supervisor training course. When an officer exhibits the leadership and supervisory skill necessary, he/she will advance within the organization.

The senior training officer works closely with the operations manager to ensure that training initiatives result in improved operation performance. In addition to managing our proactive training program, the senior training officer is also responsible for maintaining a liaison with community group and retail, industrial, and institutional facility manager.

Additionally, the senior training officer provides security awareness and loss-prevention training, thereby developing an efficient security network.

Taking a team approach enables American Security Force to address clients issues and concerns, and work towards resolving problems in a proactive manner.

Because society is forever changing our officers continue training in the latest security and enforcement techniques and kept up-to-date on the latest laws passed

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