How to Choose The Right Security Company

Selecting the Right Security Service — The Key to Well-Being & Safety

Choosing a security company is a decision that shapes the safety and integrity of your entire organization. The right security company is a partner committed to protecting your assets, employees, and reputation, offering a blend of comprehensive expertise across industries, exceptional services, and state-of-the-art technology.

How to Select the Best Security Company

Assess Your Security Needs

Selecting the right security company starts with a thorough assessment of your specific security requirements.

Facility Layout Review

Examine your premises for vulnerable points. Understanding these areas helps in choosing a company with expertise in securing similar layouts.

Threat Assessment

Identify potential external and internal threats. This step guides you in finding a security provider with the right experience and resources to counter these risks.

Asset Evaluation

List all crucial assets, including physical and digital ones. Knowing what needs protection directs you to a company capable of offering the appropriate security measures.

Required Security Level

Gauge the necessary intensity and type of security, whether it’s periodic patrols or 24/7 monitoring. This helps in selecting a company that can meet these specific demands.

Set Criteria for Evaluating a Security Company

When choosing a security company, focus on these key areas:

Reputation and Experience

Consider years of operation, client testimonials, recognitions, and community engagement. A reputable company has a track record of success and reliability.

Quality of Workforce

Evaluate their hiring practices, training programs, and workforce diversity. Well-trained, professional staff indicate a company’s commitment to quality service.

Customer Service and Responsiveness

Look for responsiveness to client needs, custom plan flexibility, and client satisfaction history.

Operational Efficiency

 Assess their capability in emergency response, service consistency, and adherence to best practices.

Technological Capabilities

Check for modern technology integration, surveillance advancements, and cybersecurity measures.

Evaluate the Viable Options

In selecting a security company, align their offerings with your needs:

  • Match Services with Needs: Ensure their security solutions directly address your identified risks and asset protection requirements.
  • Adaptability: Look for a company capable of evolving with your changing security needs.

Key Questions to Ask:

      • What specific security challenges have you managed in the past?
      • How do you train and continuously update the skills of your security personnel?
      • Can you provide examples of how you’ve adapted your services to meet unique client needs?
      • How do you ensure transparency and communication with clients?

These steps and questions will guide you in choosing a security company that not only meets your current requirements but is also a reliable partner for the future.

What Sets American Security Force Apart?

American Security Force provides specialized security solutions that fit businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive list of custom security solutions tailored to meet each client’s unique security needs. Our trained and licensed security officers have the knowledge, experience, and expertise necessary to protect our clients and their physical and financial assets in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We understand that the better trained our security personnel are, the better we can serve our clients’ security needs. In order to provide you with specialized security solutions that you can count on, our security officers continually receive extensive training in the latest security techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you provide an overview of your security services?

We are American Security Force, a Los Angeles-based company dedicated to offering comprehensive security services. Our team consists of well-trained professionals committed to ensuring safety. We stand out with our local roots, exceptional customer support, and tailored security plans to fit every client’s unique needs.

What are the benefits of hiring your security services?

Employing our security services brings multiple benefits, especially for high-risk areas like retail spaces and construction sites. Our presence serves as a crime deterrent, instills a sense of safety among customers and employees, and enables prompt response to security incidents. We tailor our services to your specific requirements, providing everything from risk assessment and consulting to unarmed guards and patrols.

What types of properties do your security services cover?

Our services extend to a diverse range of locations, including but not limited to financial institutions, hospitality venues, construction areas, special events, manufacturing sites, residences, and shopping complexes.

Is your company fully licensed?

Yes, our company holds full licensing, insurance, and bonding as per California state regulations. We hold a State License PPO 16274

How do you ensure the reliability of your security guards?

We conduct thorough pre-employment screening and background checks, reference verifications, government E-verify, and drug screenings for all prospective security personnel.

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Mike Ross


“So glad I hired the proper security company, American Security Force has been dependable through the renovation project. I have another build and they will be my go-to guys for the next long project” - Avengers, Los Angeles

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Had the security guard arrive on in uniform, exceptionally prompt. Responded quickly to my security need that same day. I fully recommend this company.” - Raven L., Los Angeles