Bespoke Residential Security Services

Effective Residential Security Services Ensuring Proactive Threat Prevention

With over 20 years of experience, American Security Force caters to the needs of residential communities across North America. We provide top-tier security services that deter crime across apartment complexes, gated neighborhoods, and other residential areas, giving you peace of mind and helping to put your residents at ease.

Residential Security Services: Benefits of Partnering with American Security Force

Our goal is to provide excellent protection tailored to each residential community’s needs. We regularly exceed our client’s expectations by delivering

Results-Driven Solutions

We’re constantly refining our approaches based on our results and client feedback to improve our services.

Professional Approaches

Our team is expertly trained to maintain a high level of professionalism to handle security incidents with composure and competence.

Community Collaboration

We collaborate with our clients’ residential communities to meet their needs and foster trust, further increasing the effectiveness of our security solutions.

Total Transparency

Through transparency and open communication channels, we can guarantee complete assurance, and you’ll be in the know regarding our approaches, findings, and results.

Specialist Providers of Residential Community Protection and Well-Being

Throughout our years of experience shielding residential areas from threats such as property theft, burglary, vandalism, loitering, and assault, we understand the need to provide a sense of safety among residents. That’s why we go above and beyond to deliver a safe, welcoming, and positive environment for residential communities of all sizes.

Our security services include foot and vehicle patrols, entry/exit point monitoring, 24/7 surveillance, evacuation plans, and resident assistance. These services are performed by our friendly and highly trained security guards, who specialize in deterring crimes, collaborating with emergency responders, and addressing any resident’s security concerns.

Why Work With American Security Force?

Elite Training

Our security guards receive industry-specific training allowing them to successfully conduct their duties.

24/7 Protection

Our surveillance systems and vigilant guard patrols provide round-the-clock protection of your residential area.

Visible Security

By providing a physical and professional security presence, we can deter criminal acts, allowing your residents to feel safe.

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What our clients say about us

Mike Ross


“So glad I hired the proper security company, American Security Force has been dependable through the renovation project. I have another build and they will be my go-to guys for the next long project” - Avengers, Los Angeles

Raven L


Had the security guard arrive on in uniform, exceptionally prompt. Responded quickly to my security need that same day. I fully recommend this company.” - Raven L., Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Security Services


What is the role of a residential security team?

The role of a residential security team is to ensure a sense of safety for residents by patrolling premises, investigating security concerns, and responding to threats. Many duties of team members include maintaining a visible security presence and providing assurance to everyone within the residential communities, such as residents themselves and their visitors.


Which residential security services does American Security Force provide?

The most common residential security services American Security Force provides include guard patrols, remote patrols, electronic access control, keyholding, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, surveillance equipment installation, alarm monitoring, and incident response. The selection of services we provide each client depends on factors such as the residential area’s location, size, building number, type, and risk level.


How does American Security Force mitigate risk on residential property?

We successfully mitigate risk throughout residential properties by delivering a proactive approach to security that addresses common threats such as vandalism, theft, burglary, trespassing, and loitering. We begin by conducting thorough risk assessments to identify each residential property’s vulnerabilities, whilst also taking into account the community member’s specific needs. After that, we begin implementing appropriate security measures and monitoring their performance.


What experience does American Security Force have in providing security for residential areas?

We have over two decades of experience providing security solutions for residential areas, among other industries. The types of properties we can cater to include apartment complexes, retirement communities, high-rise condos, gated neighborhoods, and student housing complexes.


How does American Security Force aim to adhere to relevant regulations throughout their services?

We make sure to stay up to date with all reverent regulations, ensuring that we maintain regulatory compliance when employing our residential security services. Each American Security Force team member is also well-versed in applicable laws and ensures to perform their duties in line with legal frameworks.