Impeccable Bank & Financial Institutions Security

A Professional & Versatile Approach to Financial Institutions Security Services

Recognized as an elite security service provider for North America’s banking and financial sector, we excel in protecting businesses from potential threats and safeguarding infrastructure, staff, customers, and resources. We have extensive experience assisting banks, brokerages, currency exchanges, stock exchanges, insurance companies, and similar financial facilities.

Bank Security Services: Benefits of Partnering with American Security Force

We aim to instill confidence across your financial institution with tailored security solutions. Our commitment to the safety of your assets and the well-being of your employees and customers is rooted in robust fundamental principles.

Industry-Specific Training

We equip our team with the latest industry knowledge, regulatory procedures, and skills, allowing them to provide outstanding security for the financial sector and tailored bank security services.

Holistic Approaches to Security

We work as a unit, combining expertise with advanced technologies to deliver swift and efficient resolutions to security threats within your financial institution or bank premises.

Innovative Bank Security Solutions

As technology evolves, threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In response, we utilize the latest video surveillance, electronic access control solutions, and intrusion detection solutions.

Ongoing Support

We maintain complete transparency with all our clients and provide ongoing support to ensure the continued effectiveness of our security and surveillance measures.

Unmatched Expertise and Dedication to the Protection of Financial Institutions and Bank Security

Our team is devoted to offering a broad range of financial institutions and bank security solutions designed for your business’s specific requirements. We’re always optimizing our strategies and incorporating new technology to elevate the safety of our client’s businesses and mitigate common industry threats. 

As a financial institution, your reputation is of the utmost importance, and we are committed to helping you preserve it through customized security solutions. Our security measures, such as remote access control and video surveillance, help to foster customer trust and maintain assurance throughout your business.

Why Work With American Security Force?

Proactive Security

Active surveillance and security tactics to protect everyone on-premise and ensure efficient business operations

Robust Training

Comprehensive and industry-specific training, allowing our team to expertly provide bank security services

Exemplary Compliance

Upholding exceptional regulatory compliance when providing reliable security solutions for financial institutions

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What our clients say about us

Mike Ross


“So glad I hired the proper security company, American Security Force has been dependable through the renovation project. I have another build and they will be my go-to guys for the next long project” - Avengers, Los Angeles

Raven L


Had the security guard arrive on in uniform, exceptionally prompt. Responded quickly to my security need that same day. I fully recommend this company.” - Raven L., Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions About Financial and Bank Security


What security threats are most prevalent in the banking and financial sector?

Although financial institutions such as banks already implement cutting-edge technology to protect customer assets, physical crimes are still a prominent threat in the industry. Unauthorized access, theft, property damage, and assault are all prevalent security threats that financial institutions must mitigate.


What is the role of a security guard in banks?

The role of a security guard in banks and similar institutions is to provide a sense of safety for both customers and employees. Duties typically include patrolling, monitoring surveillance equipment, assisting customers, responding to security incidents, and collaborating with local law enforcement.


How are American Security Force’s guards equipped to safeguard bank employees and customers?

Our security guards receive premium and scenario-based training, equipping them with exceptional expertise and decision-making skills. This allows them to adeptly respond to threats such as violence, theft, and trespassing, providing safety for everyone on your financial institution’s premises.


How does American Security Force prevent threats from taking place on financial institution property?

American Security Force handles internal and external threats through high-quality surveillance, rigorous security guard training, and other advanced security solutions. Crimes such as unauthorized access can be mitigated with our intrusion detection systems, whilst physical or verbal conflicts can be resolved by our well-trained security guards.


How does American Security Force ensure regulatory compliance when providing financial institutions and bank security services?

We align our specialized security solutions with fast-changing regulations by expertly training our teams and continually updating our protocols. Ongoing training ensures that our personnel are well-versed in industry standards, emerging threats, and legal requirements, allowing them to effectively conduct their duties in line with industry best practices.