Security Services
in Los Angeles and Nationwide


Portable Security

Our remote surveillance systems are available nationwide and can be deployed anywhere you need security:

  • Corporate and Public Campuses and Complexes
  • Shopping and Entertainment Centers
  • Construction Projects
  • Parking Lots
  • Community Events and Festivities
  • Fields for Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Logistics and Distribution Yards

Personal & Corporate

Our approach to safety is to provide a variety of services that can reach many different types of clients.

01. Security Patrols

Professional Security Guard Services Available

Security patrol services are an absolute necessity for any type of business that deals with regularly with the public, has many employees, office districts, shady areas, and or has parking lots and parking structures.

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02. Corporate Security Patrols

Reliable Corporate Security Patrol Services

Corporate Security in Los Angeles is a distinct category of services offered at American Security Force. We believe that every individual deserves protection and peace of mind, no matter what their status is.

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03. Workplace Security

Robust Workplace Security Solutions

Security officers work in a variety of professional and government settings. From Fortune 500 companies to local government buildings, you will find highly trained, on-site professionals providing a secure environment.

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Our approach to safety is to provide a variety of services that can reach many different types of clients.

01. Unarmed Guards

Trusted Unarmed Security Personnel

Are you considering unarmed security for your business or property? There could be some real reasons why you should. At the same time, there are real reasons why you shouldn’t, as well.

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02. Retail Security Patrols

Comprehensive Retail Security Patrol Services

The sad fact is that if your company has employees and you keep some type of inventory, the chances are high that you have experienced theft. From office supplies to larger items such as appliances or machinery, employee theft and fraud is rampant.

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03. Shopping Mall Security

Effective Shopping Mall Security Solutions

Any time you get a space where large amounts of people gather, it’s essential that you highly consider a customized plan to have more than adequate security for maximum safety.

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04. Unarmed Security Patrols In Fast Food And Food Courts

Unarmed Security For Food Establishments

Any time you get a space where large amounts of people gather, it’s essential that you highly consider a customized plan to have more than adequate security for maximum safety.

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05. Security Patrols For Film Sets And Touristy Areas

Secure Film Sets And Touristy Areas

Talk about touristy locations. Film studios and film sets are always teeming with tourists, bystanders, crowds, and traffic. Everyone always trying to get a glimpse of movie stars and or the next big silver screen blockbuster.

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06. Security Guards For Special Occasions

Dedicated Security For Special Occasions

No matter what unique occasion is that you’re gathering for or celebrating, you can trust that we will be there to create a specialized custom security plan to keep a watchful eye over it.

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07. Hotel Security

Comprehensive Hotel Security Solutions

Thousands flock here throughout the year to soak up the cultural vibe, enjoy California’s warm weather and to sightsee. To accommodate travelers the region has a high number of hotels and resorts.

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Services to help clients deliver personalization.  Find out more

The Safety of Employees, Assets, and Property is Critical. Watch Now.


Why Do You Need Security Guard Services?

Los Angeles is not a stranger to its fair share of crime. In fact, crime in Los Angeles has been on a steady rise including significant increases in violent crimes and theft. Los Angeles is a thriving city that is a home to celebrities and key players that attract a certain level of attention. With that amount of success coupled with a booming population, there is a need for protection of assets and personal space. The proof is in the statistics that there is a need for an added layer of security.

What we can provide:

Strategic implementation of security

Quality services at affordable prices

Customized plans that suit your lifestyle

Expert-level security guards

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Quality Security Guard Company

The professionals at American Security Force are highly trained and effective in their role. We want to make sure our clients are aware that we only work with the most experienced and capable individuals. This dedication to quality is what helps make us one of the most trusted security guard companies in Los Angeles.

What you can expect from our personnel:

Thoroughly vetted for background and ability.

Licensed security professionals.

Extensive experience and knowledge specific to their role.

Required extensive training and ongoing education.

We have something the others don’t; commitment. We don’t just have a commitment to the process of providing quality security. We have a commitment to you, our client. Your safety and security matter to us. When American Security Force has a presence at your office, business or wherever else you need us to be, we want you to know that your property, assets and YOU are safe.

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Education Is Synonymous With Security

Whatever your specialized need may be – check back to the articles below regularly to grow your knowledge of security.

Boosting California Business Safety: Why Hire Security Services

Boosting California Business Safety: Why Hire Security Services

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“So glad I hired the proper security company, American Security Force has been dependable through the renovation project. I have another build and they will be my go-to guys for the next long project” – Avengers, Los Angeles

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Had the security guard arrive on in uniform, exceptionally prompt. Responded quickly to my security need that same day. I fully recommend this company.” – Raven L., Los Angeles