Privacy Statement

This document outlines the approach of American Security Force, Inc. (“we,” “us,” or “our”) to preserving and safeguarding the privacy of individuals (“you” or “user”) who access and interact with our service. It elucidates the methods we employ to gather, utilize, and share your information while you use our service and elaborates on the legal rights and protections available to you in relation to privacy.

Your personal data is pivotal to enhancing and delivering our service. Opting to use our service signifies your endorsement of the data collection and utilization practices described in this Privacy Statement.

At American Security Force, Inc., we uphold a strong commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of your information. We have implemented robust measures to ensure that the data you provide remains secure and is used responsibly. This statement pertains to this website,, and any other American Security Force platforms and websites where this statement is displayed, as well as offline interactions. 

By visiting our websites, you consent to handling your personal data as stated in this Privacy Statement. Your interactions with our platforms and services, and any arising privacy disputes, are governed by this Privacy Statement alongside our Terms of Use. These terms stipulate conditions including damage limitations and dispute resolution methodologies. It is prudent to revisit this Privacy Statement periodically, as its provisions may be modified. Any significant changes will be communicated to registered users as mandated by relevant legislation.

Attention California Residents: For those residing in California, please see the Privacy Provisions for California Residents section. It details the nature of personal data we collect from California residents, both online and offline, the way we use such data, and the rights of California residents concerning their personal information.

If discrepancies arise between this Privacy Statement and the California-specific section, the provisions of the latter will take precedence for residents of California.


American Security Force, Inc. places paramount importance on the privacy of all users engaging with our website,, and any affiliated platforms or digital applications associated with it (collectively termed “Websites”). This Privacy Statement aims to offer comprehensive insights into the kind of personal data we might collect during your interaction with our Websites. It further describes the circumstances under which this data might be shared or disclosed and highlights your rights concerning this data.

Our Websites are hosted within the United States and adhere to the legal framework established by U.S. federal and state regulations. Users accessing our Websites from other regions should be aware that they are transmitting their personal data to us within the U.S. By visiting our Websites, users consent to this data transfer and the processing of their information in alignment with this Privacy Statement. Users also commit to complying with the pertinent laws of the State of California and U.S. federal regulations during their interactions with our platforms. If accessing or using our platforms contravenes the legal provisions of your jurisdiction, we advise against such usage.

Company Contact Details:

American Security Force, Inc.


5400 E Olympic Blvd

Commerce, CA 90022

Phone: 1-877-722-8585


We collect data about you in several ways:

  • Directly from you
  • From third-party sources
  • By automatically monitoring your engagement with our Websites

We collect data such as your name, contact details, and identifiers; transaction records; patterns of online service usage; and professional or work-related details. Please note that our primary clientele consists of businesses and hence, a significant portion of the information we acquire is related to our corporate association with your employer. For a comprehensive understanding of our data usage practices, kindly refer to the How We Use Your Data section.

Direct Data Collection

  • Signing up for our newsletters and other resources: When you opt for our newsletters or other content, we gather details like your name and email address.
  • Customer interactions: Upon reaching out to us, be it via our Websites, call, chat, or other means, we record your name, contact details, and the purpose of the interaction. Calls to our service centers might be recorded to enhance service quality and for training.
  • Service queries: When you inquire about our services, we collect information such as your name, work-related details, and any other provided data.
  • Transactions: Some Websites may allow direct purchases. Here, we gather your name, billing details, and payment information, retaining records of your purchases.
  • Social media engagement: Interactions on our social media might elicit responses from us, which usually aren’t linked to user accounts.
  • Reporting concerns: Some Websites offer a feature to report concerns about our staff actions. We collect the details you submit in your report.
  • Trade shows and events: At certain events, you might provide contact details to learn more about our offerings.
  • Employment inquiries: You can schedule meetings with us for job fairs or related events, or share such details with acquaintances. For a detailed understanding, please refer to our applicant information notice.

Collecting Additional Customer Data

  • Account establishment: When availing our services, we gather data during the account setup phase. Given our primary clientele comprises businesses, we gather details like company representatives’ names (for billing, service, support), their contact information, services availed, and other related data.
  • Customer portals: Some of our platforms offer dedicated customer portals. Here, we might collect identifiers like business contact details and passwords. We also monitor portal usage patterns, such as login/logout timings.

Collecting Data from Third-Parties

We might obtain information about you from your employers or acquaintances. For instance, employers could share a list of authorized employees, or a friend might refer a job opening or event to you.

Automated Data Collection

We automatically gather data about your platform usage via cookies and related technologies. This can include details like domain name, browser specifics, pages viewed, clicked links, IP addresses, duration of visits, and the referring URL. Generally, this data is not amalgamated with other user information. For an in-depth understanding of our automated data collection, refer to the Tracking Tools and Cookies section.

Collecting Data as a Service Provider

Our primary service offerings cater to businesses. The client determines the nature and purpose of the data we gather about you. Note that our services might involve audio or video recording.


Personal Data

When you interact with our service, we might request personally identifiable details. These can encompass:

  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Residential address, including state, ZIP/postal code, and city

Data on Usage Patterns

This data is automatically gathered during service usage and can include:

  • Device IP address
  • Browser type and version
  • Pages visited on our service
  • Visit timings
  • Duration spent on pages
  • Device-specific data, especially for mobile devices

Tracking Tools and Cookies

We deploy cookies and similar tracking instruments to monitor activity on our Websites and retain specific data. We might use:

  • Cookies: Small files placed on your device. You can configure your browser to decline cookies or notify you when one is being sent.
  • Web beacons: Sections of our service and emails might incorporate electronic files known as web beacons to gather statistics, like page visit counts or email open rates.

Cookies can be persistent or session-based. While persistent cookies remain even after you go offline, session cookies are deleted once you close your browser. Our service employs both types for:

  • Essential cookies: To provide specific requested services.
  • Policy acceptance cookies: To ascertain if users have accepted cookie usage on the platform.
  • Functionality cookies: To recall user choices, like login details or language preference.
  • Analytical Tools: We employ tools like Google Analytics to gain insights into our website’s performance and user engagement. These tools might use their own cookies and other tracking technologies. For a deeper understanding of Google’s data handling, refer to their Privacy Policy. To prevent Google Analytics from using your data, you can utilize the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.


We utilize the data we collect, inclusive of personal details, for varied purposes:

  • Customer interaction: This includes addressing your queries and scheduling appointments.
  • Service provision: Encompassing order processing, payment facilitation, and communication regarding service use.
  • Communication: Subject to legal permissions or your consent, we might send you emails about our and our affiliates’ products and services.
  • Content customization: To curate and display content tailored to your preferences, offer location-based services, and provide personalized assistance.
  • Marketing initiatives: We employ your email to send information we believe might interest you, including details about affiliate services and products. We also use your data to assist in advertising our services on other platforms.
  • Evaluating ad efficiency: This includes measuring the success and relevance of our advertising campaigns.
  • Website usage analysis: To understand user behaviors, such as frequently visited pages, thereby refining our platforms.
  • Research: Administering surveys for purposes like market research or gauging customer satisfaction.
  • Maintenance: Debugging to pinpoint and rectify errors, and for overall platform enhancement.
  • Legal and business operations: Ensuring compliance with legal obligations, conducting general business operations, and other administrative functions.
  • Safety and security: Where deemed necessary to detect, prevent, or address potential security breaches, unlawful activities, potential threats, or any violations of our Terms of Use or this Privacy Statement.

American Security Force, Inc. evaluates the collected personal data to enhance user experience on our platforms. Recognizing usage trends and patterns allows us to refine our platforms both in content and usability. 


Your personal data is an invaluable asset, and we’re committed to handling it with the utmost discretion. Occasionally, we might share aggregated, anonymized information derived from user data, like publishing a report on Websites usage trends.

While we strive to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data, there might be situations where sharing is either required or beneficial to aid in:

  • Investigating, preventing, or addressing illegal activities, potential fraud, or other wrongdoings
  • Safeguarding the rights, property, and safety of American Security Force, Inc., our users, and our employees
  • Ensuring compliance with the law or collaborating with law enforcement agencies
  • Enforcing our Terms of Use
  • Legal scenarios such as court orders. 

If permissible, we’ll notify you prior to such disclosures. 

Here is a breakdown of the circumstances under which we may share it:

  • Service collaborators: We entrust specific tasks to external service providers, which may require access to your personal data. This includes entities that support our website functioning, assist in our marketing strategies, and evaluate our advertising campaign outcomes.
  • Third-party affiliates: To amplify our marketing and promotional efforts, we might collaborate with third parties, sharing specific data subsets, including some personal details.
  • Business associations: In instances of potential corporate changes, such as mergers, acquisitions, or asset transfers, your personal data might be among the shared resources.
  • Legal imperatives: When bound by legal requirements, court mandates, or other judicial processes, we might be compelled to disclose your data. This also encompasses sharing information with regulatory or law enforcement agencies when deemed necessary for legal compliance or safety reasons.
  • Client interactions: If you communicate with us about one of our clients (for instance, feedback on a service), we may relay your information to the concerned client for clarity or resolution.
  • Social media platforms: We offer the option to synchronize your account on our site with your social media profiles. This can lead to the collection of certain public details from your social media profile. However, interactions and data sharing with these platforms are primarily governed by their respective privacy policies.

In the event of a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, or sale of all or a subset of American Security Force, Inc.’s assets, we reserve the right to transfer all accumulated information to the succeeding organization. Unless mandated by a court, the transferred data’s utilization and sharing will adhere to this Privacy Statement or a new statement, provided you are notified of any changes and given an opportunity to opt-out.


Our platform contains links leading to websites managed by non-affiliated entities. The privacy practices of these external websites are dictated by their own privacy policies and not by this Privacy Statement. We hold no accountability for the data handling methods of these websites.


We might occasionally send you promotional emails. If you wish to unsubscribe from these promotional messages, you can do so by following the instructions in the email or by reaching out to us. Kindly allow up to 10 business days for us to action your request. Even after opting out of promotional emails, you might still receive emails related to your account or transactions.


While we strive to safeguard your information, we cannot guarantee complete security. For instance, third parties might gain unlawful access to your communications or data. Hence, even though we employ best data security practices, we cannot assure that your data or private communications will always remain confidential.


Under the provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), we provide notifications to California residents regarding the manner in which we manage their personal data and their rights related to data privacy. This section is dedicated to our practices that fall under the CCPA, excluding data that’s exempt from the act.

Overview of Personal Information Under CCPA

We collect and share personal data from consumers as follows:

Types of Personal Information: 

  • Identifiers (like names, email addresses, and government IDs)
  • Characteristics from protected classifications, such as national origin, citizenship, race, sex, age, religion, disability, etc. 
  • Customer records
  • Commercial info
  • Usage data
  • Electronic data like audio or video recordings
  • Professional data 
  • Data gathered from other sources
  • Sensitive personal data, such as Social Security numbers and financial account details


We do share this information with entities like service providers, government agencies, affiliates, and advertising networks, among others.

Sale or Sharing of Data: 

Although we don’t exchange personal data for monetary gain, we might share data with third parties for marketing analytics or ad campaign enhancement. We don’t share or sell data of individuals under 16.

Data Sources: 

We gather data directly from individuals, advertising networks, data analytics providers, social networks, internet service providers, operating systems, and more.

Purpose of Data Collection:

Our data collection serves various purposes, including service provision, marketing, customization, analytics, research, legal obligations, security, and business transactions.

Data Retention:

We only hold on to personal data for a period deemed necessary for the purposes highlighted above.

Rights of California Residents under CCPA

California residents have several rights, including:

  • Opt-out Rights: Residents can opt out of our sharing or selling of their personal info.
  • Right to Delete: Residents can request the deletion of their personal info, barring certain exceptions.
  • Right to Know: Residents have the right to know about the personal info we’ve collected and how it’s used.
  • Correction Rights: Residents can request corrections to inaccurate data we have about them.
  • Non-discrimination: Exercising these rights won’t result in unfair treatment.

Submitting CCPA Requests: 

Residents can submit their requests online using our CCPA Request Webform or by phone at 1-877-722-8585. Authorized agents can submit requests on behalf of an individual, provided they have proper authorization.

Opting Out: 

Our website recognizes and responds to global privacy control signals. Residents can opt out of our “sales” and “sharing” practices through adjusting their cookie preferences. More information about global privacy control can be found at Residents can also opt out by submitting a request via our online form or by calling 1-877-722-8585.


In case you have any questions related to our Privacy Statement, please contact us at:

American Security Force, Inc.

5400 E Olympic Blvd

Commerce, CA 90022

Phone: 1-877-722-8585