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Talk about touristy locations. Film studios and film sets are always teeming with tourists, bystanders, crowds, and traffic. Everyone always trying to get a glimpse of movie stars and or the next big silver screen blockbuster.

On top of it all, Sunshine. Warm temperatures. Palm trees…and TV and film. Southern California has it all!

The beautiful weather makes it the ideal place for film production. With that, though, comes curiosity from the public. The hope of meeting celebrities, or seeing a film or TV show produced, prompts fans to trespass or engage in activities they might not normally do.

Like any business, time is money for TV and film crews. When fans disturb production shoots, the lost time increases costs. Security is needed to allow the cast and crew to work undisturbed both on the studio grounds and when they are on location. Security also ensures the safety of the production equipment, which is an investment of millions.

American Security Force has been providing security to TV and film productions for years. Like this industry, we are also located in Los Angeles, and understand the industry and its needs. Our highly trained and professional guards can keep fans at a distance, away from productions, and allow them to proceed smoothly.

Security guards from American Security Force understand the need for privacy and secrecy. We recognize that some film and TV productions don’t want information or images leaked from the set and uploaded to the internet as “spoilers.” To avoid this, we can create the right team of security guards in Los Angeles that will keep your set secure, and patrol for those looking to invade your privacy.

As you can see in the video of the film production of Captain America in Washington DC, whenever the public sees filming in communities that are not common for film productions, there are usually crowds of hundreds of people/fans watching whats going on. Sometimes, this can be a problem if your film production has less than adequate security.

When shooting on location, our guards prove particularly handy. They are skilled at crowd control and will keep curious on-lookers at a distance, while protecting personnel and vehicles involved in the production. But the cast and crew are not the only people that need safeguarding.

Film and TV sets, whether they take place at the studio or on location, can be dangerous places for those not familiar with them. Hot, heavy lights, cables strewn across the ground, and high voltage wiring can all cause injury to those who are not familiar with sets. Our guards are able to provide protection to both the production and to those who pass by. This services safeguards against lawsuits due to injury to the public.

It is an enduring business, with an image of glamor that attracts enthusiastic fans. We understand how to provide security for productions, and are here ready to provide our expertise. To learn more about how we can keep your next project safe, call American Security Force at 877-722-8585.

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