Is Personal Protection or Bodyguards Needed in Los Angeles?

Being a celebrity or person of importance can be fun at time, but it can also attract unwanted or even downright dangerous situations?

personal protection bodyguard hireEvery now and then you’ll see breaking news of a famous person who was attacked, stalked, or was a victim of a break-in or robbery.

Sometimes, it’s not a question of “what if,” it’s a question of “when?”

And if you’re super famous with a heavy presence on social media and constantly posting selfies, people from all over the world have access to your location by monitoring your tweets, instagram, and facebook check-ins.

Social media “ups the ante” and makes your presence known to even crazy people around the world.

Famous celebrity Kim Kardashian was robbed by a group of robbers at her private hotel in Paris, France on October 3, 2016.

CCTV video footage of the robbers making their getaway on bikes was released soon after thanks to video obtained by TMZ.

For Kardashian, being that famous, and beautiful, it was a question of “when?” A personal bodyguard is a forgone conclusion and, in her case, the question really becomes, “how many bodyguards do I need?”

In her case, one bodyguard was not enough to defend against 5 assailants. A team of personal protection is needed. Kardashian’s bodyguard is being sued by her insurer AIG for over $6 million dollars.

If you follow the news at all, you’ve read or seen other surprising stories about security lapses at high-level institutions. In October, a lone gunman raced into the Canadian Parliament where he shot and killed a soldier before he himself was killed.

Last September a man climbed the fence outside of the White House and celebrity bodyguard los angeles, vip protection hollywoodactually made it inside. There have been a number of incidents where others have jumped the same fence but were stopped on the White House grounds.

But perhaps the most daring incident occurred in 2009 when Tareq and Michaele Salahi actually slipped past security to attend a state dinner where they mingled with the president, vice president and staff.

The breach was considered one of the worst White house breaches on record.

Fortunately, none of the White House security breaches resulted in anyone being harmed. But they easily could have.

Video of Tareq and Michaele Salahi’s famous White House crash.

These are stories about high-level security teams being thwarted. People can be daring, and if someone wants to get to you, they will find a way. The Canadian Parliament and White House can beef up their existing security. But if you are a person of note, what can you do to keep yourself and your family safe?

Personal protection and bodyguard services Los Angeles

American Security Force provides personal protection services and or bodyguards, to business leaders, VIPs and celebrities in Southern California for decades.

Our service not only gives you protection, but also ensures your privacy while you are in public.

Our highly trained, alert guards are skilled at identifying suspicious behavior in those around you. This ability gives them a proactive edge, and enables them to make preventive decisions that remove or negate potential threats.

Bodyguards from American Security force can also allow you to let your guard down and enjoy yourself in public, while they look after your wellbeing. Our bodyguards will even intervene, if you so desire, and save you from embarrassing situations that could end up on social media, or in the tabloids.

Our security doesn’t necessarily end when you arrive at home, either. Providing security where you live can also be part of our service. Our bodyguards can be on the job anywhere, at anytime.

When you call American Security Force, we’ll work with you to identify security weaknesses in your daily routine that you might not be aware of. We’ll design an individualized plan that suits your public and privates needs.

It’s a dangerous world full of people looking to do harm for a variety of reasons. Don’t let it happen to you or your loved ones. Call American Security Force today at 877-722-8585 to learn how we can create a personalized security plan for you.