The Importance of Video for Keeping Your Property Secure

how to keep your property secure with video surveillanceThere’s been a lot of news about body cameras for police and security personnel in the last few months. We’ve written about it here ourselves. Those pushing for that move feel that the video from wearable cameras would help prove the guilt or innocence of those arrested, and document the behavior of police and security officers.

But it is not just video from body cameras that is of value. Last fall, we saw how video from a few casino security cameras impacted the domestic violence case against Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice. The video clearly showed his behavior towards his wife that night.

The importance of video footage can’t be over stated. Video can provide something that an eye witness is not able to do: Deliver empirical, unimpeachable evidence from the scene of an event.

Witnesses have human memories, and they can often forget details or can remember things incorrectly. Video records an event as it happened, without the bias of an observer. Video can serve as clear documentation of what transpired.

Video of Ray Rice gets released from the Baltimore Ravens

Remote surveillance security Los Angeles

For those Southern California businesses interested in video documentation, American Security Force offers several services.  Wireless cameras with high resolution are used as part of our Remote Monitoring service.

The video is monitored and/or recorded remotely by our security officers at our state-of-the-art command center. Officers at our center are able to call the authorities if a situation calls for it.

Our Remote Surveillance Security service involves a leading-edge mobile tracking system. This mobile unit contains sensitive motion detectors and automated cameras with night-vision. The video is sent to our command via cellular or internet and is monitored and recorded there by highly trained officers.

Officers on patrol can also be equipped with a mobile phone app that we developed called GuardTrack. Guard Track allows onsite officers to communicate with bulky two-way radios. It also provides a means for officers to record reports while onsite.

But perhaps GuardTrack’s most intriguing feature is its ability to record and upload video in real time.

All of these cost-effective services allow managers and clients to view and record what is happening at their property. But more importantly, they provide business owners and property managers with peace of mind. They know their property is secure while they are away.

If you’re looking for a company that offers specialized security solutions, such as video recording, remote monitoring and surveillance, then call American Security Force today at 877-722-8585.