Mobile surveillance trailers can be a versatile and cost-effective security solution for various companies to address safety concerns and reduce on-premise crime rates. From construction to entertainment, mobile trailers can be a beneficial addition to businesses within different industries, making them a suitable alternative to traditional security systems. 

Although effective in specific scenarios, solutions like security guards, drone surveillance, video security cameras often have certain limitations. While some options are too expensive for smaller businesses, others can be impractical for larger areas, resulting in premises not adequately being monitored or protected. 

Security surveillance trailers overcome the issues that other security services face, making them a top choice for many businesses. However, when it comes to security systems, there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. What works for some businesses may not be viable for others, so you need to carefully assess your business’s security concerns and discuss them with a professional security service provider before making a decision. 

Today, we’ll explore the top places that can benefit the most from mobile surveillance trailers and give you all the information you need to decide if this is a suitable solution for your business’s security needs. 

What Are Mobile Surveillance Trailers? 

Also known as mobile security trailers, mobile surveillance trailers are portable security units that can monitor outdoor environments of varying sizes. These trailers are not restricted to a specific location and can be moved around, adjusted for height, and positioned strategically on a business’s premises.

Key components of mobile security trailers include:

  • The trailer, which is the main body of the unit, serves as the base for other equipment to be mounted on. Wheels are attached to the trailer, allowing it to be quickly moved whenever necessary. 
  • Several security cameras are positioned at the top of the trailer to monitor and record its surrounding area. 
  • Sensors are implemented to detect movement, sound, and other signals that could indicate a threat. 
  • A mast, which is a pole that supports the trailers’ cameras and sensors. With a tall mast, mobile surveillance trailers can monitor a large area at 360 degrees.   
  • Built-in speakers can broadcast messages to nearby individuals or groups, attracting attention, giving instructions, or deterring potential criminal activity. 
  • A power source, such as rechargeable batteries, onboard generators, or solar panels, can provide power to the trailer’s equipment to ensure continuous operation, even in remote locations. 
  • A control panel that can be accessed 24/7 through a mobile app or desktop software.

The main purpose of mobile surveillance trailers is to provide live camera feeds from a specific location, allowing companies to monitor their premises in real time and quickly respond to security incidents or threats. 

Advantages of Mobile Surveillance Trailers 

Mobile surveillance trailers can benefit a range of different companies that want to monitor their premises, deter criminal activity, and hold perpetrators accountable. The main advantages of mobile surveillance trailers include:  

  • Quick deployment: While most security equipment needs several hours, days, or even weeks to set up and implement, trailers can be easily deployed in less than 30 minutes, making them a suitable option for addressing urgent security needs.
  • Flexibility: Mobile surveillance trailers can be hired on a short-term basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, giving companies much more flexibility compared to other security solutions. As an organization’s security needs fluctuate, the number of deployed trailers can be adjusted to meet their requirements. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: While security guard patrols are a popular security service for companies who want to protect their premises, this can be an expensive solution. Smaller companies or those with tight security budgets will be best suited to the cost-effective integration of mobile security trailers. 
  • Crime deterrence: Mobile security trailers can be placed in the center of a business’s premises or around entrance and exit points, and their presence alone can deter criminal activity. Standard security cameras are often more discreet, which may not be as effective in reducing the likelihood of vandalism, theft, and other criminal acts.
  • Temporary options: Rather than mobile surveillance trailers being fixed to a certain location through installation and wiring, they can be removed or relocated whenever necessary, providing the ideal temporary solution during emergency situations or other circumstances. 
  • Remote monitoring: Mobile surveillance trailers can provide real-time remote surveillance and be monitored from anywhere, allowing security personnel to review recorded footage, manage settings, and access live camera feeds without needing to be physically present at the premises.

Top Places to Employ Mobile Surveillance Trailers 

Are you wondering if your business could benefit from a mobile surveillance trailer? Here are the top locations where these trailers would be most useful for monitoring a business’s premises and protecting against crime.

1. Construction Sites Protected with Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Construction sites contain highly valuable materials and equipment that are at risk of being stolen or damaged. Trespassing and vandalism are other prevalent crimes that these sites struggle with, and since they are typically large in size, employing security guard patrols or implementing other security measures can be inefficient and expensive. 

With mobile security trailers, construction sites can ensure versatile, reliable, and around-the-clock surveillance of all areas. Even construction sites in remote locations can benefit from mobile security trailers that can be charged with batteries or are solar-powered. 

2. Distribution Yards

Similar to construction sites, distribution yards face various security challenges due to the presence of valuable inventory and equipment. These premises are vast in size and often store high-value goods and materials awaiting shipment or transfer, making them attractive targets for theft and vandalism. 

Static surveillance equipment such as cameras, or other security measures, such as patrols, may prove insufficient for monitoring an entire distribution yard, along with possible entry and exit points. Since mobile surveillance trailers have cameras from large heights, they can monitor areas over long distances, providing comprehensive coverage of the area. 

Certain trailers can also be equipped with infrared and night vision capabilities, allowing for monitoring even in low-light conditions. This allows organizations to detect crimes and identify offenders during nighttime hours.

3. Educational Institutions

K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions house many students and staff members. As the school day begins and ends, along with breaks between classes, these institutions see large quantities of individuals moving around the premises at once. Many institutions are also particularly large in size, with multiple buildings, outside recreational areas, and other facilities.

Therefore, educational institutions are not only susceptible to crimes such as violence, theft, trespassing, and vandalism but also often struggle to detect criminal activity and hold offenders accountable. 

Since mobile security trailers can monitor areas from a tall height, they can oversee crowds of students, monitor areas, and identify crimes or antisocial behavior.

4. Outdoor Event Venues Equipped with Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Outdoor event venues, which host concerts, festivals, fairs, markets, and sporting events, require temporary security systems that can be quickly deployed and removed. During these events, large crowds, with potential individuals engaging in illegal activities, will be present, making security a top priority.

Mobile surveillance trailers can monitor crowds and be swiftly set up or relocated when necessary during the event. With built-in speakers, security personnel can provide instructions to the audience related to security protocols, emergency procedures, and crowd management. 

Some event managers may also use mobile security trailers to capture highlights of the event since their equipped cameras can record high-quality footage around the clock. 

5. Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are often targeted for motor theft, particularly from organized crime groups. When left unattended overnight, cars are especially vulnerable to damage or theft, so dealerships require robust security and surveillance systems. 

Since mobile security trailers can capture license plates, they are an optimal solution for car dealerships. With high cameras and alarm systems, mobile surveillance trailers can effectively deter crime or monitor criminals, allowing car dealership owners to promptly alert authorities and further ensure that action is taken against offenders. 

6. Agricultural Lands

As incredibly vast areas, often in highly remote and rural locations, agriculture sites face unique security challenges. These sites are susceptible to various threats, including theft, vandalism, trespassing, livestock harm, and illegal dumping. Monitoring agricultural lands to safeguard valuable crops and equipment from outsiders is a crucial yet challenging task.

Agricultural land typically cannot be effectively monitored for crimes due to the limited availability of suitable locations for traditional security cameras to be installed. Similarly, security guard patrols are often impractical due to the sheer size of these premises. 

On the other hand, mobile surveillance trailers can quickly deployed anywhere on the premises and can monitor across long distances to detect, record, and deter crimes. As the security needs of agricultural lands shift, the mobile trailers can be moved accordingly, making them more effective than other security measures. 

7. Parking Lots

Over one million vehicles are stolen in the US every year, and motor theft continues to rise across the country. Parking lots, particularly overnight, are highly vulnerable to car thieves and can be difficult to monitor with traditional surveillance systems. 

The presence of mobile security trailers alone can significantly reduce car theft or other crimes that take place in parking lots, such as vandalism or antisocial behavior. Potential criminals will be likely deterred if they are aware the trailer’s surveillance equipment is monitoring them.

With real-time monitoring systems, the trailers can swiftly alert security personnel or law enforcement if suspicious activity is detected. Advanced mobile security trailers are also equipped with cameras that have a high enough resolution to identify car license plates, even in low-light conditions. 


Overall, mobile surveillance trailers are cost-effective, versatile, and effective solutions for a wide variety of security needs. They can be a highly valuable addition to the security systems of businesses that have large premises, operate outdoors, are in remote locations, require overtime monitoring, or have quickly fluctuating security requirements.

If you believe that your business needs additional surveillance and protection, get in touch with American Security Force today to get a quote about our mobile surveillance trailers. Together, we can establish a viable solution that addresses your unique security needs and protects your organization’s premises. 


Discover more about surveillance and mobile security trailers with these answers to common questions.  

How far can a surveillance camera reach?

The reach of a surveillance camera depends on various factors, such as its focal length, resolution, and zoom capabilities, as well as additional external factors, such as weather conditions. However, security cameras generally reach up to 150 feet in distance, allowing companies to identify and monitor suspicious or criminal activities across their entire properties. 

Do surveillance cameras record all the time?

Depending on its function and a company’s preferences, security can either record during specific times or 27/4. Similarly, companies can decide when a mobile security trailer records footage. However, continuous recording is advisable for maximum security coverage, particularly during off-peak hours when crimes are more likely to occur. 

What is the best height for surveillance cameras?

Companies are usually recommended to place security cameras at least 8 feet high to ensure an optimal view of the property. Since mobile surveillance trailers have adjustable mast heights, companies can choose how high to set their cameras, with the tip of trailers typically reaching up to 30 feet.

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