Lobby Security to Protect Your Business

Silhouette Of The Security GuardOne of the most important security areas of any business is one that is often over looked. It’s the lobby. The lobby is the main entryway for visitors into your business.

But the lobby is more than just an entryway or a place of welcome. It also serves as a buffer. It is that area where visitors enter and can either be allowed access to your facility, or be denied and turned away.

Thus, your lobby, from a security point of view, serves a vital purpose. It is the first security area inside of your building and it is where your employees will encounter visitors who may be angry or disruptive. For those visitors who are irate, if they refuse to leave when asked, or push into the business further, they are trespassing. Every state has legislation regarding this crime, and it is more common than you might think.

The City of Mesa, AZ has decided to combat the trend of business trespassing by posting tips on their website for dealing with business trespassers.

Criminal trespassing occurs in the education sector, as well, where the reasons behind the act could be due to deeper, darker motivations. In 2013, for example, a Philadelphia area school went on lockdown after a trespasser was seen loitering in the hallways. He was later arrested outside of the building.

In the State of California, where the number of gun murders and hate crimes rank as the highest in the nation, many businesses still don’t think of their lobbies as a security area. In fact, there is often little or no security there making it the most vulnerable point of entry to their facility. Because it is the public entranceway, attitudes toward allowing access during business hours can often be lax by employees.

If an angry visitor does enter your lobby, what do you have in place to keep that person from getting access to the rest of your facility? To really keep your building secure you need to consider enhanced lobby security that includes the highly trained security guards from American Security Force.

Onsite security guards have an immediate impact. Often the mere sight of a security officer will cause trespassers to reconsider their plans. For those who choose to continue on, the posted security guard can physically intervene and halt any further penetration into the building. Onsite security guards keep your employees safe, and offer a level of protection that is unmatched.

The security experts at American Security Force are experienced at developing specialized security solutions. We can assess your security situation and make recommendations for a plan based on your individual needs. That plan might involve technology solutions, live security guards, or both. Every business is different, and needs vary. Our team will recommend the best security solutions for you.

In a world where tempers seem to flare more often, and respect for others seems to be a thing of the past, onsite security guards are an effective, affordable means for protecting your employees, and your most valuable investment, your business.

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