What is the first thing to consider when planning an event? Is it the venue, dates, budget, or other logistics? Whatever your process is, ensuring protection is just as important. Follow this guide to learn how to hire a security guard for an event, allowing you to effectively manage threats and protect all your attendees and facilities. 

Robust event security will protect everyone present from harm and contribute to a positive experience. Without security measures in place, threats and risks, such as theft, disorderly conduct, and trespassing, can cause attendees to feel uneasy and jeopardize their safety. 

While security cameras and access control solutions can help identify and deter threats, having security guards on site is the most effective security solution for ensuring comprehensive safety. 

1. Evaluate Your Event Security Needs

All events, with varying sizes, locations, durations, and visitors, require a tailored approach to security. Understanding your event’s main security concerns allows you to establish a plan and strategically allocate resources.

Consider the Size and Layout of the Event Venue

The size and layout of your event’s site help determine where additional security will be needed. For example, busy areas where crowds will gather, such as main stages, beverage areas, restrooms, and entry points, will be more susceptible to security threats and will require the deployment of additional guards.

Take Into Account the Event’s Duration

For long events, organizers must plan for shift changes and breaks for security personnel to prevent fatigue. If the event exceeds 8 hours, additional guards may be needed to adjust the security coverage.

Think of the Participants, Attendees, and Target Audiences

The presence of celebrities or other VIPs will also demand extra security personnel. Some security services provide executive protection tailored to high-profile individuals’ unique needs and risks. These services may include guards who are trained to coordinate secure transportation and ensure the safety and privacy of VIPs throughout the event.

Use Security Insights Provided by Previously Organized Similar Events 

Finally, any past events can indicate the types of disturbances an upcoming event could face, allowing organizers to assess risk and prepare for specific circumstances. For first-time events, organizers should familiarize themselves with common security risks to anticipate and adequately prepare for various scenarios.

2. Identify the Relevant Event Security Risks

Common event security risks and challenges that organizers face include:

Disorderly Conduct 

Instances of disorderly conduct are common at events and can include behaviors such as unauthorized filming, provocation of other attendees, and refusal to obey orders from event staff. The consumption of alcohol and other substances can also heighten the likelihood of these behaviors.

Major disturbances 

Riots, protests, physical altercations, and other major disturbances can disrupt the event, cause mass panic, and threaten the safety of all guests and staff members.


Events are also at risk of property damage, such as vandalism, where individuals deface infrastructure such as fences and seating arrangements or tamper with equipment, including sound systems and displays.


Pickpockets and other thieves often exploit the busy and distracted event environment to look for potential opportunities to steal phones, wallets, and other personal belongings.


Unauthorized access can severely compromise an event’s safety and disrupt its operations. Individuals may trespass by climbing over fences or ignoring access control measures to enter the premises and restricted areas.

Medical emergencies 

Various medical situations can arise during events, such as minor injuries (cuts, sprains, and bruises), medical conditions (asthma attacks, allergic reactions), intoxication (excess alcohol, substance abuse), and traumatic injuries (head trauma, internal bleeding).

3. Choose a Security Service

Once the event’s security risks are outlined, organizers can begin the security guard hiring process. While organizers can hire guards independently, top security services are often more viable options due to their increased flexibility, scalability, and support. Security services employ specially trained guards and can assist organizers in establishing a suitable security strategy to provide comprehensive protection for their events.

When selecting a security guard provider, event managers should consider the full range of security services the company offers as they can enhance the overall effectiveness of security personnel. Once a security service provider has been chosen, organizers can initiate contact to move on to the next stage in the process.

4. Deploy Security Guards

After contacting a security service provider, event organizers can proceed with hiring security and planning their deployment. When hiring guards, organizers should clearly communicate their event’s security requirements to the security service provider. This includes outlining details such as the event date, duration, location, anticipated attendance numbers, and any specific safety concerns that must be addressed.

The security service provider will then work with the organizers to determine the appropriate number of guards needed and develop a security plan tailored to the event’s needs. This plan can involve assigning guards to venue areas, establishing security checkpoints, implementing crowd management strategies, and coordinating with local law enforcement or emergency services.

Once the security plan is finalized, the security service provider will assign suitable guards to the event.

After selecting the security provider and finalizing the security plan, suitable guards are assigned to the event.

Advantages of Hiring Event Security Guards

While security cameras and access control measures can help identify and deter threats, event security guards are the most effective security solution for ensuring comprehensive safety. 

Although it’s generally more expensive to hire security guards for an event compared to other options, they are the most effective solution for protecting event venues and safeguarding attendees. Here are the main benefits of event security guards:

  • Crowd management: Security guards can maintain control over crowds and manage the flow of people to prevent congestion and reduce the risk of accidents, conflicts, and panic.
  • Crime deterrence: The presence of security guards can deter potential criminals from committing crimes during the event, such as theft, trespassing, assault, and vandalism. 
  • Specialized training: Security guards are trained in various skills, such as de-escalation, conflict management, and emergency evacuation, allowing them to defuse tense situations and establish order throughout the event’s duration. 
  • Medical assistance: With training in first aid and CPR, along with other medical assistance capabilities, security guards can respond to emergencies and provide aid to guests until professional responders arrive.

Increase Your Event’s Safety With American Security Force

At American Security Force, we provide expertly trained security guards who can monitor the venue’s premises and ensure the protection of all guests, staff, and equipment at your event. We also offer other security solutions to increase your event’s safety, including mobile surveillance trailers, drone surveillance, and electronic access control systems

For expert help with ensuring the safety of your event participants, attendees, and facilities, contact us. Our security professionals are here to discuss and assess your event’s specific security needs and establish a custom solution that guarantees peace of mind for both you and your attendees.

Event Security FAQs

Find out more about event security with these answers to common questions: 

How to hire a security guard for an event? 

After assessing security needs and determining a budget, organizers can contact a security service provider to hire security guards. Reputable security services ensure that all their security personnel are fully trained and licensed, enabling them to deter crimes, respond to threats, and address medical emergencies.

How much security is needed for an event?

Typically, events require at least one guard for every 50-100 attendees to ensure their protection against security risks. However, the ideal number of security personnel varies from case to case  and is influenced by factors such as their layout, location, and duration. 

How much does it cost to hire a security guard for an event?

The cost of hiring a security guard for an event can vary widely based on several factors, including the exact type and location, the duration of the service, the level of experience required, and whether the guard is armed or unarmed.

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