Smartphone App for Active Shooter Situations

smartphone app for active shooter situations

A California county sheriff’s office will equip teachers in nearby schools with a new smartphone app. If all goes well, it will enhance communication and reduce response times in active shooter situations.

The move is in response to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. March 14 marked the one-month anniversary. Seventeen lost their lives in that incident.

Since that incident, the debate over how to offer security to our schools seems to have been reinvigorated.

Rave Mobile Safety Smartphone App

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office will be launching a smartphone app called Rave Mobile Safety. According to the company’s website, the app, “…provides organizations with innovative tools to prepare better, respond faster and communicate effectively during incidents.”

The goal for using the app is to have law enforcement arrive at the scene faster.  As a result, the length of the shooting incident will be shortened, thus saving lives.

Included in the smartphone app is a large red button labeled “Active Shooter.” Pushing it notifies the local authorities that a shooting incident is happening. Teachers or administrators can also communicate with the entire school or campus in seconds, informing them of the situation and providing safety instructions.

The Roll Out

According to Security, teachers at the three largest schools in the county will test the system starting in April. The app will be implemented at the remaining schools over the summer.

It’s the first use of the app on the West Coast. The company’s website states that it is in use at over 2,000 schools nationwide.

The Bottom Line

Since the Stoneman Douglas shooting in Florida, it seems like the issue of school security has become reinvigorated. Students are protesting and demanding action from the adults in authority while new ideas such as the Rave Mobile Safety app are being implemented. These are important first steps toward keeping our children safe.

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