Security Company or In-House Guards? Which Should You Hire?

security company is more cost effective

So you’re considering the addition of a security team for your business but you’re not sure if you should hire in-house guards or contact a local security guard company.

Both have costs associated with them. But working with a security vendor could prove to be more cost effective than hiring a full-time staff. Here’s why.

Hiring Costs

There are always costs associated with hiring. Advertising the job, searching through resumes, interviewing candidates. Each of these has a cost associated with it. Hiring costs are not an issue when working with a security vendor.

Wages, Benefits and Payroll Taxes

These are all typical costs associated with employees. They will also be costs your organization pays when you hire an in-house team. An outside security supplier handles these expenses and you simply pay the rate negotiated in your contract.


Full-time Employees occasionally need time off and that happens in the form of vacation. Simply put, that is an expense you pay with no work in return.

A security company handles vacation for its guards internally. You won’t need to deal with that expense or the issue of finding someone to cover the employee who is out. It’s all taken care of by the security company.


New employees need training. Whether it happens in-house or away by a third party, there is a cost associated with it. An outside security provider takes on those costs and only charges you the rate in your contract.


Once your employees are hired and trained they will need uniforms and boots. That means your company will be purchasing them for each team member.


Security guards can’t function effectively without the right gear. Whether its radios, flashlights, batons or other items, your business will be writing the check to equip your security team.

When hiring a security vendor, the guards who will be posted at your location will come equipped for the job, with no added expense to you.

Management Time

Employees need managed on a day-to-day basis. Even if you have a security manager on your team, that person will require direction from upper management and that means valuable time is being spent.

But once a contract is worked out with a security company, those guards take their direction from that vendor. The vendor manages their personnel on your behalf as per the terms of your contract.

Security Company Costs

Prices might vary from one security company to another, but they are all based on the same variables: That company’s overhead costs, the pay rate of the guards and the company’s profit margin. When you add those items together, it equals the billing rate.

Of course, when you contract with a security company, you are locking in a rate for the term of the contract. That means budgeting becomes easier and simpler for you.

The Bottom Line

Hiring an in-house security staff has a significant number of costs associated with it. Some are not so obvious at first glance. While security company rates might vary, that cost will not change throughout the life of the contract with that vendor.

Of course there’s an added benefit associated with using a security supplier: They are experts at what they do.

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