School Safety Measures After Parkland

school safety measures after Parkland

Since the Parkland, Florida school shooting in February that resulted in 17 students killed by a former student, it seems like lawmakers and education officials are beginning to take school safety measures to make them more secure.

In response to the tragedy, the Florida legislature passed a bill that would raise the minimum age for purchasing a firearm to 21-years-old. Governor Rick Scott signed the bill into law on March 9.

Congress and President Trump also moved quickly with the signing of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018. The law restores funding for school safety grants. It will supply $75 million in matching grant money for school safety infrastructure, training and technology.

Florida and the federal government are not alone in creating new school safety measures. Here is a sample of some of the changes that are being implemented around the country.

School Safety Measures


At the end of February, the Ohio House introduced a bill that would standardize the qualifications for school resource officers. explains that the bill requires officers to have a minimum of 40 hours of training and standardizes the qualifications and the exact duties of a resource officer.

Also in Ohio, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District has implemented a new video surveillance system. The district is the second largest in the state and because of its size, it will require over 5100 cameras. They are meant to be a deterrent to vandalism and violence.

To ensure that there is never a lapse in video coverage due to failing equipment, the automated system that was installed continually checks the camera streams to ensure they are working properly. 


A Chicago area school hired three additional security guards. Glenbrook High Schools District 225 planned to have those officers work after school when students are on the grounds participating in athletics and other programs. reports that the officers will protect buildings and screen people as they come and go from the campus.


Democrats in Michigan’s State Senate introduced a number of bills intended to increase school safety. According to, the new laws if passed would place more controls on guns. The bills also allot a $100 million investment on school resource officers and provide for additional safety and security measures.


A Texas school district has chosen to physically fortify their buildings. The Cleveland Independent School District, located just outside of Houston, is installing doorstoppers in every classroom in the district. The barricades are meant to keep an active shooter from entering. In tests, doors equipped with the devices have withstood numerous shots from handguns and rifles.

The Bottom Line

Prior to the Parkland shooting, there seemed to be a reluctant acceptance of school shootings. No organization or legislative body took the lead on this issue, so nothing ever happened to keep these tragedies from happening.

Since Parkland, though, there seems to be new energy toward school safety. If there is anything good that could come from this tragedy, perhaps it is this new dedication to securing our schools.

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