Large Event Security: Measures Being Adopted

Large event security is tightening up

There’s no doubt that the violent, modern world is impacting large event security.

One of the saddest results of active shooter and terror incidents is how it has impacted the experience at large events. Concerts, sporting events and rallies concentrate people together. Because of that, stadiums and arenas have become attractive, soft sites. It’s the job of security professionals to harden these targets, and tightly control who and what enters these venues.

The days when fans could simply bring in bags and walk freely through the gates are long gone.

Notre Dame Tightens Security reports that the University of Notre Dame is taking steps to increase security at large events with a new policy that only allows clear bags into the events. This will give security personnel the opportunity to see what patrons are bringing into the venue with them.

The measure goes into effect September 1 for the football season opener when the Fighting Irish will play Michigan.

The policy allows for small handheld bags, about the size of a person’s hand. There are strict size restrictions for larger bags, though. Another exception to the rule will be approved medical equipment. These items will be inspected at the gate. Also allowed are seat cushions and cameras or binoculars that are not in a case. Blankets are permitted but will be searched at the time of entry.

The list of banned items includes briefcases, backpacks, camera or binocular cases, computer bags coolers, diaper bags, fanny packs, any type of luggage and purses larger than a clutch bag.

Best Practices for Large Event Security

The adoption of clear bags at venues is actually considered a “Best Practice” by the Command, Control and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis (CCICADA).

In its report, Best Practices in Anti-Terrorism Security for Sporting and Entertainment Venues Resource Guide, the CCICADA suggests, “Bags brought in by patrons warrant detailed screening and the risk associated with bags may be mitigated by providing clear plastic bags and by implementing bag size restrictions.” These are items that the new Notre Dame policy addresses.

The Bottom Line

The American public has watched in horror since 2001 as active shooter and terror attacks have come to our homeland. Our citizens have been brave and continued on with their lives. But the harsh reality that these attacks could happen anywhere, at any time, makes it a necessity to take steps to increase large event security.

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