Higher Education Security Services Enhancing Campus Safety

Comprehensive Higher Education Security Services to Ensure Students and Staff Members Are Safe

Protect your entire campus, from lecture halls and cafeterias to dormitories and recreational areas, with our specialized higher education security services. American Security Force employs professionally trained teams and advanced equipment to ensure robust security for North American colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions.

Higher Education Security Services: Benefits of Partnering with American Security Force

Take advantage of a wide range of benefits that help foster a safe and welcoming space throughout your educational institution.

All-Encompassing Security

We focus on delivering a complete security program that emphasizes proper compliance, effective training, and skilled communication.

Bespoke Solutions

We understand the uniqueness of every educational institution’s security needs, so we offer customized solutions that consider all campus types, layouts, sizes, student populations, and cultures.

Campus-Specific Duties

Our team’s duties include patrolling campus property, monitoring CCTV, responding to emergencies, controlling traffic flow, protecting restricted areas, and providing out-of-hours escort services.

Specialist Teams

We rigorously train our security guards and provide ongoing skills development, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the specific challenges of campus safety.

Proficiency in Providing Higher Education Services and Peace of Mind to the Academic Community

Campus safety is undeniably a priority for higher education institutions. Our dedicated team understands campuses’ unique challenges, and we provide expert solutions, adaptive security strategies, and high-quality service to protect all students, staff, and visitors.

Our commitment to the well-being of everyone on campus helps to foster a secure and welcoming environment that enhances the reputation of institutions. We provide excellent crime deterrence and safety measures through surveillance cameras, trained security guards, access control systems, and other adaptive solutions.

Why Work With American Security Force?

Specialized Training

Security guards trained in industry-specific skills to respond effectively to all on-campus situations

24/7 Campus Safety

Continuous security and surveillance making all staff members, students, and visitors feel safe

Unwavering Compliance

Adherence to all campus policies and seamless alignment with compliance requirements set forth by authorities

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American Security Force


What our clients say about us

Mike Ross


“So glad I hired the proper security company, American Security Force has been dependable through the renovation project. I have another build and they will be my go-to guys for the next long project” - Avengers, Los Angeles

Raven L


Had the security guard arrive on in uniform, exceptionally prompt. Responded quickly to my security need that same day. I fully recommend this company.” - Raven L., Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions About Higher Education Security Services


What crimes are the most frequent on college campuses?

The most common crimes on US campuses include theft, vandalism, burglaries, and assault. The level of crime varies between institutions and has a drastic impact on their reputations. A 2022 survey revealed that 60% of students considered campus safety when choosing colleges.


How does American Security Force reduce frequent campus crimes?

Higher education security services can deter many common crimes that typically occur on campuses. That’s why American Security Force employs visible measures such as mobile security trailers, 24/7 CCTV, and guard patrol. Other campus safety solutions include electronic access control, which restricts access for unauthorized individuals.


How does American Security Force protect students, staff, and visitors?

We protect everyone on campus by implementing responsive and tailored security measures to deter potential criminal acts. We also constantly review and adjust our procedures and protocols based on feedback and evolving campus needs.


How are American Security Force’s teams qualified to address higher education security challenges?

Our security guards and other team members receive thorough training and preparation so they can respond effectively to campus security issues. Our teams are fully licensed and qualified to de-escalate situations, provide first-aid, engage in fire and life safety procedures, monitor premises, liaise with emergency services, and provide escort services.


How does American Security Force conduct risk assessments specific to each campus?

We conduct campus risk assessments by analyzing the premise size, layout, building structures, and entry/exit points. We also assess potential threats specific to the campus location before employing appropriate security measures that comply with relevant regulations.