California Security Guards: A Cut Above

California security guards are a higher quality

There must be something about California security guards. They don’t seem to attract the negative attention that other guards around the country do. Maybe that’s because they’re not engaging in the same type of behavior.

Our State has stringent requirements for individuals who wish to work in security. Could the state-required coursework be filtering out those who can’t pass? Are those who finally obtain their license better educated and prepared than their counterparts around the country?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to accurately compare and measure the differences between guards in different states.

So, we decided to do a simple Google search of the phrase “security guard news” to see what types of stories popped up from around the country and compare those to how California security guards appeared. Here are the results from our search conducted on August 23, 2018.

Security Guards in the News

In the top 100 entries there were stories about security guards from around the country and, in fact, from around the world. Thirty-one stories were about guards being attacked in some way while only four portrayed them positively.

The majority of the stories were about guards who, to varying degrees, had done something wrong. They originated in cities throughout the nation: Acadiana, Allentown, Austin, Baton Rouge, Charlotte, Detroit, Gary, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, Newark, New York, Portland, San Antonio, Seattle, Spokane, St. Louis and Tallahassee.

There were no stories about security guards from our state, though. Think about that: Out of 100 stories, there wasn’t one pertaining to an officer from one of the most populace states in the country.

Just to be fair, we also performed a search using the phrase “security guard news California.” That search turned up a story from June 11, 2018 about a guard removed from his job.

That says something about the quality of California’s security guards.

California Security Guards Certification

Legislation regarding the training of security guards differs from state to state. California has some of the most stringent standards in the country. It starts with applying for a guard card, which is essentially a license. Applicants must be 18-years-old and submit to a FBI criminal background check.

Potential guards are also required to take a 40 hours of training from the state.  There are three levels of training. The first involves 8 hours and covers the “Powers to Arrest” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism Awareness.” Completing these courses allows you to get your card and begin working.

Level two training must be completed within 30 days of getting your first job. It involves 16 hours of courses covering “Public Relations,” “Observation and Documentation,” “Communication and its Significance” and “Liability and Legal Aspects.”

Finally, there is an additional 16 hours of course work that must be completed within the first six months of a guard’s employment. The course work includes “Trespass,” “Handling Difficult People,” “Officer Safety” and “Arrest, Search & Seizure.”

California security guards are also required to take an eight-hour refresher course every year.

Taken together, this training is much more in depth than what other guards in other states are required to take.

American Security Force Training

In addition to California’s mandates, security guards at American Security Force receive additional instruction and in-field training. We believe our team of security professionals is the best available in Southern California. Because of that, we also pay our officers above the industry standard. We believe that compensating them well results in less turnover, more stability for our customers and more satisfied guards.

The Bottom Line

California is doing something right when it comes to training security guards.  The 40 hours of mandatory training provides these officers with the necessary foundation they need to continue their education on the job. The annual 8-hour refresher course serves to further cement the most important concepts in their minds.

California security guards are of a higher quality.

If you want to learn more about how to protect your property, employees and loved ones, call American Security Force today at 877-722-8585.