Are Your Voice Communications Secure?

secure cell phone comminication, mobile phone encryptionCell phones operate differently than the phones most of us grew up with in our homes. Those were landline phones, which are a closed system where the signal travels along a cable. Because the signal never leaves the cabled system, there is a measure of security built into the technology.


Cell phones, on the other hand, are basically a radio. They send a radio signal to a cell tower that receives the signal and puts it into the wider telephone system. Because of the radio frequency (RF) transmission through the air, cell phone conversations can be intercepted through the use of radio scanners, fake cell towers and intercept systems.

For businesses, this can be a disaster, as sensitive information is often discussed across the cellular network.

Watch this video to see how any cell phone can be hacked and how they can listen to everything you say…even when you are not on the phone!

How to encrypt your cell phone calls

There is a way, however, to achieve secure voice communications over cell phones. American Security Force offers a cost-effective, hardware-based solution that encrypts the RF signal making it secure. It’s called Vigilant Call.

The technology works with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones. The Vigilant Call Micro-SD Engine looks like a typical Micro-SD card. When placed in the card slot of the cell phones on both ends of the conversation, it creates a random, secure encryption key that also authenticates the traffic.

The result is a secure call that travels from the originating mobile device, through the network, to the destination cell phone.

Vigilant Call is certified by the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). For the medical, financial or government sectors, it is also compliant with HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and FISMA.

The Vigilant Call encryption module is certified by the National Institute of Standard & Technology, as well. Its CC EAL5+ security level can resist any and all network attacks.

American Security Force offers the Vigilant Call service to business clients looking for secure, cellular communications. The service allows our security guards to communicate with each other, or the client, without the risk of conversations being intercepted or recorded unknowingly.

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