Your Property: Saving Money and Staying Secure with Advanced Technology

Oct 22, 2014 | Security, Technology

It’s safe to say that the digital revolution has touched nearly every aspect of our lives. That includes the security industry.

It used to be that security guards worked their posts with only some basic tools. They used a two-way radio to communicate and wrote down what happened in a logbook.

New technology and software applications have it made it easier, quicker and more efficient for a security guard to do his or her job. They can now operate in a much more streamlined way, with real-time reporting.

Mobile app for security guards

American Security Force has developed GuardTrack for that purpose. It is a mobile and web-based app that security officers use on company-supplied smartphones. This solution allows clients to track officers while they are on the job in the field.

GuardTrack eliminates the need for bulky two-way radios. The need for recording events with paper and pen is also rendered obsolete. Security officers can record what’s is transpiring in the app form wherever they might be.

It provides a real-time view into what is happening. Security officers have the ability to take photos or record video and upload them to the app, as well, allowing managers and clients to get a better understanding of what is happening.

Onsite security guards can even stream real-time video. This is incredibly helpful especially in big areas and events where you have a whole team of security guards all spread out at any given time from mall security to special event security.

All of this provides peace of mind for clients. They can log in from a desktop or laptop computer and see where guards are stationed, read real-time or archived reports, and see photos and video.

Need a security guard provider that not only utilizes the leading-edge technology, but also plays a role in developing it? Then call American Security Force today.

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