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Why Your Company Needs Security Officers

With domestic violence on the rise, and the continued threat of terrorist attacks, the security industry has gone through an incredible evolution in the last two decades. The once small, niche industry has grown to become a mature, professional sector supplying highly trained and qualified security officers.

Gone is the stereotype that television and movies created of the lazy, uneducated and inept security guard watching over a quiet warehouse. When you think of today’s security offices words such as trained, experienced, qualified, professional and helpful come to mind.

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 illustrated the need for enhanced security throughout our country. As private security companies responded, organizations such as the National Association of Security Companies (NASCO) set high standards for security personnel and promoted ethical conduct from companies. This helped to transform the security sector into the professional industry it is today.

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Modern security guards still provide basic security functions, but they also do much more. Recognized as necessary business assets, the today’s security officer provides a level of customer service to the public that leaves lasting, positive impressions. Often, security officers are the first level of contact between the public and a business, and that contact needs to be professional, polite, helpful, and courteous.

Security officers work in a variety of professional and government settings. From Fortune 500 companies, to local government buildings, you will find highly trained, on-site professionals providing a secure environment.

These are not the only settings, though, where modern security officers work. You will find them providing security for celebrities, politicians and business executives. They secure large events, keeping those in attendance safe, as well.

Today’s security officers also help protect those working in TV and film, one of Southern California’s largest industries. Not only do officers secure the studio grounds but they also provide crowd control when companies shoot on location.

Hospitals are another place where security officers can be found. Hospital security officers provide helpful information and guide visitors and patients to their destinations. They provide traditional security for the facility, as well.

You’ll also see security officers at hotels, resorts, grocery stores, receptions, retail stores and endless other events and venues. Wherever large groups of people gather, you will find security personnel providing helpful customer service and protection.

American Security Force is honored to provide security guards and specialized security solutions to Southern California. We’re gratified to be part of an industry that sets high standards, and proud that our trained security personnel meet and surpass them.

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