Terrorism is on the Rise: Are You Ready?

Nov 18, 2015 | Security Solutions

The latest terrorism news coming out of Paris, France today is that two are dead and seven have been arrested after a seven-hour raid by French Authorities. The raid comes just days after ISIS operatives attacked multiple targets in the city on Friday November 13. Those attacks killed 129 people and wounded 345.

Sadly, terror is on the rise in Europe, and ISIS has promised that the United States will be hit, as well.

It is not just the job of local, county and state governments to prepare for a terror attack. Individuals should, as well.

Are You Ready if Terrorism Strikes Your City?

George Kline, a former member of the NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force, told Westchester.News12.com that people should be aware of their surroundings. No matter what public space you might be in, take note of exits so you will have a way out if something happens. Also learn where the alarms are so in the event of an emergency, you can use them to get help.

Public transportation is a special challenge, because of the confined space. But Kline recommends that riders be vigilant and aware of those around you. The best place to sit is near exit or a bathroom, if there is one. If individuals notice suspicious behavior, they should report it.

There are multiple resources available to help citizens be ready. The Red Cross suggests making a disaster plan with your family, and lists things you can do if an attack occurs. Safety.com details the steps you need to create an evacuation plan from your home after a terror strike. Ready.gov has multiple resources for you and your family to prepare for a wide array of emergencies.

Being personally prepared is wise, because officials admit that keeping U.S. cities safe will be a challenge. Former assistant FBI Director Ron Hosko tells CBS News, “There are simply not enough police, law enforcement — on duty, off duty, hired security — to cover every potential gathering spot where Americans enjoy their liberty.”

Here in Southern California, emergency plans call for involving private security.   Deputy police chief Michael Downing with the LAPD says, “There’s 45,000 private security guards in the Los Angeles area alone, there’s 10,000 LAPD,” he says. “When you combine that with community members that are interested as well, we have some good leverage.”

Hopefully, that plan will never need to be implemented. But in the event of such an emergency, American Security Force is ready and proud to help.

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