YouTube Shooting: Another Case of Workplace Violence

YouTube shooting is more workplace violence

A 39-year-old YouTube creator became frustrated over recent changes by the service. That anger resulted in Tuesday’s YouTube shooting.

The Details reports that Nasim Najafi Aghdam was a content creator on YouTube. She made money from the videos she posted there. Recently, the video service changed its filters and the number of Aghdam’s viewers dropped.

Aghdam grew angry and blamed YouTube for censoring her content and not paying her for her videos. Rather than take the changes in stride, though, left San Diego, driving north to Mountain View, California, the home of YouTube.

Sometime during the morning of Tuesday April 3 Aghdam visited a gun range and then left for the video channel’s headquarters. She parked behind another business and accessed the YouTube building through the parking garage. That’s when she opened fire, wounding four people.

Aghdam then shot and killed herself.

Police Talked with Her Before the YouTube Shooting

Ironically, police talked with Aghdam just eleven hours before the shooting. CNN reports that Mountain View police found her sleeping in her car around 1:40am early Tuesday morning. She was parked about 30 miles from the YouTube headquarters.

Police discovered she had been reported missing by her family after they ran her license plate. While checking up on her, they found Aghdam to be “calm and cooperative.”

The Bottom Line

The YouTube shooting is another example of workplace violence. This one just happened to be a higher profile target. But it proves the point yet again that businesses need to conduct security audits and improve those areas that are vulnerable.

We live in an angry world and it doesn’t look like these types of events will end anytime soon.

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