Veterans: 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire One

Veterans make great employees

Veterans Day is this Saturday, November 11. It is a day to remember all those men and women who have served or are currently serving in uniform. It’s also an opportunity to acknowledge the selflessness of these individuals and pay tribute to their character and their unique qualities.

Veterans share certain qualities that they gained from their time in the military. It makes them particularly good employees. If you have openings in your organization, here are the top five reasons why you should consider hiring a veteran.

Veterans Have Leadership

The military trains leaders. It is at the core of what they do. As a result, veterans understand how to manage people to get the best results.


The military is a giant team. No one soldier, airman, sailor or marine can win a battle or carry out an objective alone. Each person has a duty and all are dependent on each other for success. This credo translates well to the business world.

Performance Under Pressure

Is there any more high-pressure situation than what a military person experiences when they are under fire? Veterans have been in life and death settings and are trained to perform in them. Having worked under the ultimate pressure, these individuals can easily handle the stresses of any job.

Respect for Procedures

Veterans understand the chain of command and how important it is to follow the rules of the organization. They also know how important each role can be, even if it is not one that gets a lot of attention. Because of this, veterans can work at any level and have success.

Proven Ability to Learn

Veterans can pick up new skills and concepts quickly and put them into action. Think about the incredible number of skills they need to learn to fight a battle? These individuals know how to learn and can put that knowledge to use.

The Bottom Line

The efficiency of our military is really an indication of how well our personnel are trained. Any organization would benefit from having individuals with that level of training and accomplishment.

American Security Force is proud to employ a number of veterans. They are valuable members of our team.

If you have questions about security needs, call American Security Force at 855-722-8585.

Honoring Our Veterans on Veterans Day

With today being Veterans Day, we here at American Security Force wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You. We are honored by their service and we are proud employers of those that have served.

There is a natural synergy between veterans and the security industry. While in the service, veterans learn and master skills that naturally translate well. Some veterans have actually performed military assignments that are directly related to security functions.

But there are certain intangible qualities that veterans develop in the service that also make them ideal employees, whether they are in the security field or in some other industry.

The first is that veterans make good leaders. After all, they are coming from what you might consider a “leadership factory.” The U.S. military understands how to teach leadership and mold future leaders. Its rigid structure and chain of command area daily reminders of how leadership functions effectively.

Upon entering civilian life, veterans bring these lessons with them into the workplace. Clear communication, adherence to the chain of command and the ability to get the best out of others makes veterans natural organizational leaders.

Veterans are also very trainable. All military branches have some form of Boot Camp, where those who have recently joined go to learn how to be a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman. After Boot Camp, they then train to do a certain job within their branch of service. Training is a large part of the military experience and the experience helps veterans quickly learn new jobs in the private sector.

Adaptability is another quality that veterans have learned. A popular saying amongst those in the service is “Adapt or Die.” In other words, adjust to the circumstance presented to you and overcome them or you will perish. This is a lesson that veterans understand all too well. Whether the situation was a harsh battlefield, a cramped submarine, or a barracks crowded with strangers, veterans were continually adapting to new situations.

This skill serves veterans well in the ever-changing business world.

For employers, veterans are highly desired employees for their dependability. One of the biggest challenges companies face is hiring dependable employees and having them show up to work and be on time.

This is another quality veterans master in the military. Not showing up is a considered being Absent-Without-Leave (AWOL), something that could get service personnel confined. Being late is also something that is not tolerated in the military. Thus veterans prove to be very dependable employees because of their military experience.

While veterans possess qualities that make them exceptional employees, there’s also another reason American Security Force hires them: It’s the right thing to do. After all, the service that these individuals gave to our country involved sacrifice. They spent many years away from their loved ones, often times in harm’s way. They did it to protect all of us and expected little in return.

So, it only seems natural that we can honor them with the opportunity to earn a living and support their families.

On this Veterans Day, it seems like one of the best ways to say “Thank You.”