Private Security is Growing Around the Globe

Private security is growing around the globeWith terror attacks on the rise, the need for private security is increasing in countries around the globe. This is particularly true in Germany where over one million refugees arrived last year. During the month of July, three terror-related incidents occurred that resulted in 11 deaths. Understandably, Germans are nervous.

German Private Security is Growing reports that private security firms in that country are seeing an increase in calls looking for unarmed guards. Many organizations that had security before the attacks want more. However, supplying guards in the near future might be difficult. According to, “Private security is so in demand that some firms have run out of employees to meet the demand.”

Yet, in that country security jobs are increasing. Last year, the industry experienced a 10% job growth and a15% jump in revenue to $7.9 billion.

German society is similar to that of the United States. There are many events where large numbers of people come together. To observe crowds and try to identify threats, German security firms have introduced “spotter teams.”

Aiding the Government

Germany is not the only country to use private security, either. reports that at immigration points where refugees might enter Greece, officers from a private security company are supporting the police.

In Austria, a Swiss security firm has taken over the operation of all of that country’s refugee camps from the government. That firm already runs multiple centers in their home country of Switzerland.


France has seen an increase in security job applications after a private guard foiled a bombing during the terror attacks last November. Fifteen thousand private guards will be part of a 90,000-man force that will protect the Euro 2016 Football Tournament in the country this year.

It’s clear that as ISIS continues to wage its terror war, governments will need to use every resource available to protects its citizens. This includes private security. The industry today is up to the challenge, being better trained and more technologically equipped than ever before.

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Security Company for Private Communities Southern California

Aerial view of new luxury australian neighborhoodWith the number of recent riots, suburban homeowners are taking precautions to protect their families and their investments. Across the country, upscale homeowner associations (HOA) are beginning to consider and install CCTV and regular patrols by private security.

HOAs charge dues to residents and in return provide a number of valuable services such as landscaping, pool maintenance, property management and security services. An HOA board is made up of residents who create or implement the rules, regulations and policies of a neighborhood.

Security company for gated communities Los Angeles

For some HOA boards, implementing and enforcing their rules can be a challenge. Without an enforcement body, residents are expected to follow the rules by way of the honor system. However, trusting that all of your neighbors will do the right thing does not always prove successful, and some form of security enforcement ends up being needed.

Expecting HOA board members to do enforcement is not a workable solution, either. After all, they live in the neighborhood, and are neighbors with those they would have to police.

There is also a safety factor to consider. It is becoming more common for criminals from outside of the communities to wander into them and burglarize cars and homes. To complicate matters further for HOAs in California, the State has made it a legal duty for property owners to provide a safe and secure environment.

Here’s an example of horrific condominium security. Imagine the problems and crime that the lack of adequate security can invite in your condominium, complex, or neighborhood that is governed by a homeowners association.

In this atmosphere, more and more HOAs are looking to hire private security companies, such as American Security Force, to patrol their neighborhoods. Our professional, highly trained security officers can enforce your community’s rules, while also serving as a deterrent for criminals.

Working with American Security Force means that your HOA will have a dedicated security patrol. If desired, a guard can be posted at the gate of your community, ensuring a heightened sense of security for your residents. Patrolling officers can also perform parking and traffic enforcement duties.

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One St. Louis Suburb Used Private Security to Protect Their Property During the Ferguson RiotsSecurity, Security guard, Security officer, American Security Force

Ferguson, St Louis riot for Michael BrownA grand jury’s decision not to indict white Police Officer Darren Wilson in the August fatal shooting of an 18-year-old African-American, Michael Brown, resulted in rioting, fires and looting Monday night in the City of St. Louis, Missouri and its nearby suburb, Ferguson.

Eighty-two people were arrested in the two municipalities. Local police reported hearing over 150 shots fired throughout the night, and Missouri National Guardsmen were called out to secure the Ferguson Police Department. Angry residents displayed their frustration over the decision by confronting police, looting stores, and burning strip malls.

Both Ferguson and St. Louis geared up their respective police forces for the possibility of rioting in the preceding months. The police in Ferguson spent over $100,000 since the August riots purchasing body armor, tear gas handcuffs and other crowd control items, expecting the worst.

Interestingly, the grand jury responsible for the decision did not meet in Ferguson or St. Louis. Instead, it convened in the wealthy suburb of Clayton. Because of that fact, the predominantly white residents did not just rely on law enforcement to protect them from rioters, but took extra precautions to do the job. They hired private security firms.

Private security guards contracted to protect Ferguson and St Louis from rioters.

Businesses and individuals have contracted with several St. Louis-based security companies in the last few weeks in preparation of the decision. One was Asymmetrical Solutions. Their plan was to send operatives to areas they believed would be flashpoints.

Their philosophy of riot preparedness and response is markedly different from that of leaders in Ferguson and St. Louis. There, armored police were sent out to confront rioters with teargas. Asymmetrical Solutions chose not to put fighters in the field, but to instead send “thinkers and managers.”

Another area firm, Securitas, posted officers at malls, banks power plants and businesses. They also offered an elevator escort service for corporate officers. Their escorts could either be armed or unarmed. With the buildup to Monday night’s rioting, the requests for unarmed were nearly nonexistent.

Private firms also monitored social media for threatening mentions against their clients, and developed alternative driving routes for corporate employees to get to and from work. One firm removed any moveable items that would be found outside of a business, such as statues or waste cans, because they could be used to break glass doors and windows.

The security that Clayton residents and businesses employed costs money. But the cost is significantly less than that of rebuilding a home, a business, or a life.

Private security firms offer much more in the way of service than public law enforcement ever could. The philosophies, the strategies and the tactics employed are forward thinking, not confrontational. Private firms also provide a level of one-on-one personal service that is unimaginable from law enforcement today.

Riot footage from Feruson

Simply put, private security looks after the interests and the well-being of their clients. In life- and property-threatening situations, isn’t that the peace of mind that you are after?

American Security Force regularly provides that peace of mind to individuals and businesses in Southern California. We are uniquely qualified to deliver that same level of service and protection during times of local crisis. Our security officers are highly trained and experienced, and can meet a wide range of security needs.

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