Violent Crime Up In Los Angeles

violent crime is increasing in Los Angeles

For the second year in a row, the State of California has experienced an increase in violent crime. But our state is not alone. The rest of the country is seeing an increase, as well.

California Stats reports that there were 174,796 violent crimes last year in California. That is an increase of 4.9 percent from the 166,588 offenses in 2015. Last year’s total is 15.4 percent higher than in 2014.

You can also look at that number from a population perspective. With a total statewide population of 39,250,017, the violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants was 445.3.

How does that compare with violent crime across the rest of the country? California’s stats are higher than the national trends.

In 2016, there were 1,248,185 incidents in the U.S., which was a 4.1 percent increase over 2015. Nationwide, there were 386.3 offenses for every 100,000 inhabitants. As is the case in California, the country is on an upward swing in violent events. The number dipped in 2014 to just over 1.15 million but has increased in the last two years.

To put California’s violent crimes in perspective, they were just 14% of the total U.S. figure.

Violent Crime in Los Angeles

As expected, the major metropolitan areas in the state experienced more violence. In total, those areas accounted for 170,862 episodes or 97.75 percent of the statewide total.

The City of Los Angeles faced 28,817 violent offenses alone.   Outside of the city limits, but still in the County of Los Angeles, there were 6,124 violent occurrences. Those areas inside the county that experienced the highest amount of increases in offenses were:

  • CSU Northbridge, up by 200 incidents,
  • Westlake Village, up by 166 incidents;
  • Sierra Madre, up by 127 incidents
  • La Habra Heights, up by 100 incidents.

The areas that saw the largest decreases were:

  • Bradbury, down by 100;
  • Rolling Hills, down by 100.

Use of Force Stats

A new stat was counted in 2016, that of the use if force by police officers. Across the state there were 782 reported events. Of those, 328 involved the use of a firearm with 75 percent of those hitting their target.

Los Angeles County had 212 incidents. That is 27 percent of the statewide total.

The Bottom Line

With violent crime figures on the rise in our city, county and state, it only makes sense to take steps to secure your business, your employees and your loved ones. Call American Security Force today at 877-722-8585 to learn how we can bring safety and security to those things you care about most.

Violent Crimes in Los Angeles

Violent Crimes are up in Los AngelesViolent Crimes happen at the rate on one every 26-seconds in the U.S. That’s according to Protection 1 Home Security. The firm recently released their “Where Crime Happens” report.

As of this writing, reports that there have been 644 murders in the last 12 months in Los Angeles County. Southern California is currently experiencing an increase in homicides over previous years. But despite the bad news, it’s not as bad as in some other areas of the country.

Violent Crimes by State

The number one state for violent crimes is Alaska. Protection1 attributes this fact to, “the large geographical size, remoteness of the communities, limited economic opportunities, and lack of government services.” Here are the other
top 10 states with the most violent crime:

  1. Alaska
  2. Nevada
  3. Tennessee
  4. New Mexico
  5. Florida
  6. Louisiana
  7. South Carolina
  8. Delaware
  9. Arkansas
  10. Maryland

Violent Crimes by City

Thankfully, California did not make the Top 10 in that category. Nor did Los Angeles for the cities with the highest murder rates. On that list, it ranked 19th, with 6.6 murders per every 100,000 residents. Nearby San Diego was ranked as one of the safest cities.

Those metropolitan areas with the highest rates are:

  1. Louis, MO 58.9
  2. New Orleans, LA 7
  3. Detroit, MI 8
  4. Baltimore, MD 9
  5. Milwaukee, WI 4
  6. Las Vegas, NV 9
  7. Philadelphia, PA 9
  8. Washington, DC 9
  9. Chicago, IL 1
  10. Jacksonville, FL 3

In 2015, the City of Los Angeles was ranked 6th for the number of total murders with 283. Here’s how the Top 10 cities on that list compare:

  1. Chicago, IL 465
  2. New York, NY 352
  3. Baltimore, MD 344
  4. Houston, TX 303
  5. Detroit, MI 295
  6. Los Angeles, CA 283
  7. Philadelphia, PA 264
  8. Louis, MO 188
  9. New Orleans, LA 164
  10. Washington, DC 162

It’s Been Worse

While these totals are higher than anyone would like, the situation in Southern California used to be much worse. Gang violence and the LA Riots of 1992 set a record that year.

2,589 murders took place! That is a staggering number, especially when compared to the 649 violent deaths in the county in 2015. Crime in the metro area remained bad for most of the Clinton Administration.

Recent terror attacks, especially the one in San Bernardino, have made it clear that violence can happen at any time. To keep your family, business, employees or property safe, consider private security guards. Call American Security Force today at 877-722-8585 to learn how we can create an individualized security plan that fits your needs.

Security Company for Private Communities Southern California

Aerial view of new luxury australian neighborhoodWith the number of recent riots, suburban homeowners are taking precautions to protect their families and their investments. Across the country, upscale homeowner associations (HOA) are beginning to consider and install CCTV and regular patrols by private security.

HOAs charge dues to residents and in return provide a number of valuable services such as landscaping, pool maintenance, property management and security services. An HOA board is made up of residents who create or implement the rules, regulations and policies of a neighborhood.

Security company for gated communities Los Angeles

For some HOA boards, implementing and enforcing their rules can be a challenge. Without an enforcement body, residents are expected to follow the rules by way of the honor system. However, trusting that all of your neighbors will do the right thing does not always prove successful, and some form of security enforcement ends up being needed.

Expecting HOA board members to do enforcement is not a workable solution, either. After all, they live in the neighborhood, and are neighbors with those they would have to police.

There is also a safety factor to consider. It is becoming more common for criminals from outside of the communities to wander into them and burglarize cars and homes. To complicate matters further for HOAs in California, the State has made it a legal duty for property owners to provide a safe and secure environment.

Here’s an example of horrific condominium security. Imagine the problems and crime that the lack of adequate security can invite in your condominium, complex, or neighborhood that is governed by a homeowners association.

In this atmosphere, more and more HOAs are looking to hire private security companies, such as American Security Force, to patrol their neighborhoods. Our professional, highly trained security officers can enforce your community’s rules, while also serving as a deterrent for criminals.

Working with American Security Force means that your HOA will have a dedicated security patrol. If desired, a guard can be posted at the gate of your community, ensuring a heightened sense of security for your residents. Patrolling officers can also perform parking and traffic enforcement duties.

Call us today at 877-722-8585 to learn how we can develop a security plan that fits the needs of your community.



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Best Security Guard Company in Los Angeles and Southern California

Security agent watching Los Angeles downtown areaAs one of the leading providers of specialized security solutions in Southern California, American Security Force believes that hiring a security company is more than just a business expenditure. It is an investment that goes towards protecting your company’s assets and personnel. To justify that investment you need to know that you are getting value for the security dollars you’re spending.

To ensure you get that value, choose your security provider wisely. Look for a security company that will place the needs of your organization first, and one that will be transparent and reactive through the course of their service to you.

As you assess security providers, make sure the communication channels with them are open before you sign the contract. Are you comfortable dealing with them? Gauge their responses as you ask them about their services.  Are your questions being answered in a way that alleviates your concerns?

You will want your security partner to listen to your needs, goals and concerns and then provide you with solutions that are appropriate to your situation. If they have no recommendations, perhaps this is not the best company for you

When interviewing companies, ask them how they support their security guards in the field. What type of people do they hire for guard positions? Does the company invest in security training for its personnel? Are the guards equipped with everything they need to do their jobs properly? Do they use new technology?

These are important questions because it will be the guards who will implement the security plan at your property. Knowing how the security company supports them informs you of how the guards will perform. A security provider that empowers their employees to do their job correctly will have guards with better attitudes that will go the extra mile for the client, and be better able to provide the appropriate level of service.

If you’re curious about the particular guards that will be posted at your property, ask to meet them.

Nowadays scammers can even come to your house and pretend to represent security companies.

Above all, trust your gut. If you feel uncomfortable about any aspect of the proposed security service, don’t sign the contract. Talk to another company.

American Security Force is proud to offer highly trained and professional security guards to businesses throughout Southern California. Our goal is to provide innovative and custom-crafted security solutions that meet your needs. Our guards are equipped with the latest technology that allows for real-time, remote monitoring.

Find out how we can help you with your security needs. Call American Security Force today at 877-722-8585.

The Importance of Video for Keeping Your Property Secure

how to keep your property secure with video surveillanceThere’s been a lot of news about body cameras for police and security personnel in the last few months. We’ve written about it here ourselves. Those pushing for that move feel that the video from wearable cameras would help prove the guilt or innocence of those arrested, and document the behavior of police and security officers.

But it is not just video from body cameras that is of value. Last fall, we saw how video from a few casino security cameras impacted the domestic violence case against Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice. The video clearly showed his behavior towards his wife that night.

The importance of video footage can’t be over stated. Video can provide something that an eye witness is not able to do: Deliver empirical, unimpeachable evidence from the scene of an event.

Witnesses have human memories, and they can often forget details or can remember things incorrectly. Video records an event as it happened, without the bias of an observer. Video can serve as clear documentation of what transpired.

Video of Ray Rice gets released from the Baltimore Ravens

Remote surveillance security Los Angeles

For those Southern California businesses interested in video documentation, American Security Force offers several services.  Wireless cameras with high resolution are used as part of our Remote Monitoring service.

The video is monitored and/or recorded remotely by our security officers at our state-of-the-art command center. Officers at our center are able to call the authorities if a situation calls for it.

Our Remote Surveillance Security service involves a leading-edge mobile tracking system. This mobile unit contains sensitive motion detectors and automated cameras with night-vision. The video is sent to our command via cellular or internet and is monitored and recorded there by highly trained officers.

Officers on patrol can also be equipped with a mobile phone app that we developed called GuardTrack. Guard Track allows onsite officers to communicate with bulky two-way radios. It also provides a means for officers to record reports while onsite.

But perhaps GuardTrack’s most intriguing feature is its ability to record and upload video in real time.

All of these cost-effective services allow managers and clients to view and record what is happening at their property. But more importantly, they provide business owners and property managers with peace of mind. They know their property is secure while they are away.

If you’re looking for a company that offers specialized security solutions, such as video recording, remote monitoring and surveillance, then call American Security Force today at 877-722-8585.

California Has Highest Number of Gun Murders: Secure Your Property and Stay Safe

most dangerous state in America
Image: Rolling Stone

In July, Rolling Stone magazine developed an interactive map that detailed the Most Dangerous States.   Their criteria for ranking states revolved around the presence of guns, and the number of gun-related deaths.

While Alaska led the list of those states with the Highest Number of Gun Deaths per 100,000 Residents, California was the leader in the category of Total Gun Murders.

Alaska is largely a wilderness where residents keep guns for hunting and to protect themselves from wild animals. The high number of guns in that state, along with its relatively low population, explains why it has the highest number of gun deaths per 100,000.

California is a different matter. Despite the fact that the State has taken steps to reduce gun ownership for those previously convicted, and requires background checks when purchasing, gun violence remains prevalent.

The sheer number of people in the urban areas is one reason for this violence. Perhaps another explanation is drug trafficking and gang activities.

Despite the reasons, though, the fact remains that California is a violent state. In 2013, there were 151, 879 violent criminal acts, 7,464 were forcible rapes and 1,746 were murders. These numbers are based on convictions and do not take into account those incidents that occurred where there was not an arrest or conviction.

Security to prevent workplace violence

With over 14,000 workplace homicides in 2012, savvy property managers and business owners understand what these statistics mean and take steps to eliminate them. Violence in the workplace or at your property results in higher legal and insurance expenses. Therefore, you should take workplace security seriously.

Here’s a list of the top 10 most dangerous cities according to statistics of the FBI.

Control those costs by keeping security guards onsite from American Security Force. Having our highly trained and experienced officers at your property will reduce or eliminate trespassers and violent activity.

That’s because live guards represent the perfect security triple-threat to wrongdoers: They can witness a crime or one about to happen; they can call for backup or for the police; and they can intervene directly in stopping or apprehending criminals.

California is a beautiful place to live and work. But with it, comes the risk of violence. Let the leaders in specialized security solutions keep your property and business safe and secure. Call us today at 877-722-8585 to learn how onsite security guards from American Security Force can do that for you.



Tips for Property Managers to Help Keep Your Property Safe

office building security guard company los angeles

Property managers have a long list of concerns. Things like budgeting, tenant liaison, maintenance, janitorial services, supplies, and communication with tenants and the board are just a few. Also on that list is keeping the property secure.

There are multiple ways to do that, but the most efficient is to post a security officer onsite. American Security Force specializes in supplying highly trained security officers for your business. The presence of a live person is an effective deterrent. Thieves and vandals are less likely to approach and enter your property when a security guard is there.

That’s because live guards represent the perfect security triple-threat to wrongdoers: They can observe a crime, or one about to happen; they can call for backup or for the police; and they can intervene directly in stopping or apprehending criminals.

Thieves and vandals understand this triple-threat instinctively, and stay away when live guards are present.

In addition to onsite security, property managers can take steps to secure their property further. It starts with removing the opportunity for criminal action. Encourage your tenants or employees to keep valuables out of sight. Remove them from desks, move them away from doors and windows, and be sure they are not visible in cars. Remove the opportunity and thieves will pass by.

Security company for office buildings and properties in Los Angeles.

Installation of security cameras and remote monitoring security is a necessary step for property managers to take. Lights with motion detectors can increase the nighttime illumination, making the property less attractive to criminals. Lighting on timers has the same affect, and provides the illusion that someone is actually present to turn them on.

Maintenance on buildings is on going. There’s always something that needs done. When working outside, remind crews that they should not leave tools and ladders laying out over night. These can be used to reach or pry open windows and doors. Building materials such as 2×4 studs or bricks can also be used to open locked doors or windows, or to vandalize the property.

The doors and windows themselves should also be reviewed to make sure they are secure. Outer doors should be constructed of either metal or solid wood and have deadbolts installed.

Make sure your windows lock, and if you are located in a high-crime neighborhood, install bars on the ones located on the lower floors. It’s also possible to install burglarproof glass on those windows that are easily reached.

If you do have security guards, the ecurity guards must have an hourly plan on the premises and need to stay alert. They cannot and should not be allowed to sleep on the job like in the video below.


Finally, getting to know the neighborhood you are in is very important to keeping your property secure. If you have residential neighbors nearby, get to know them. They can often tell you what is happening at your site when you’re away.

It’s also good to learn the routines of those who travel past your property. Often just watching the goings-on outside can give you a clue to whether or not your site is being observed.

These simple tips will add to the security of your property, reducing crime and vandalism, and ensuring the safety of your tenants or employees.

If you’re looking for more information about ways you can secure your property, view our website to see how we help businesses with our security officers. You can also contact us or call us at 323-722-8585.




Why Your Company Needs Security Officers

Corporate security guards Los AngelesWith domestic violence on the rise, and the continued threat of terrorist attacks, the security industry has gone through an incredible evolution in the last two decades. The once small, niche industry has grown to become a mature, professional sector supplying highly trained and qualified security officers.

Gone is the stereotype that television and movies created of the lazy, uneducated and inept security guard watching over a quiet warehouse. When you think of today’s security offices words such as trained, experienced, qualified, professional and helpful come to mind.

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 illustrated the need for enhanced security throughout our country. As private security companies responded, organizations such as the National Association of Security Companies (NASCO) set high standards for security personnel and promoted ethical conduct from companies. This helped to transform the security sector into the professional industry it is today.

Los Angeles corporate security guards

Modern security guards still provide basic security functions, but they also do much more. Recognized as necessary business assets, the today’s security officer provides a level of customer service to the public that leaves lasting, positive impressions. Often, security officers are the first level of contact between the public and a business, and that contact needs to be professional, polite, helpful, and courteous.

Security officers work in a variety of professional and government settings. From Fortune 500 companies, to local government buildings, you will find highly trained, on-site professionals providing a secure environment.

These are not the only settings, though, where modern security officers work. You will find them providing security for celebrities, politicians and business executives. They secure large events, keeping those in attendance safe, as well.

Today’s security officers also help protect those working in TV and film, one of Southern California’s largest industries. Not only do officers secure the studio grounds but they also provide crowd control when companies shoot on location.

Hospitals are another place where security officers can be found. Hospital security officers provide helpful information and guide visitors and patients to their destinations. They provide traditional security for the facility, as well.

You’ll also see security officers at hotels, resorts, grocery stores, receptions, retail stores and endless other events and venues. Wherever large groups of people gather, you will find security personnel providing helpful customer service and protection.

American Security Force is honored to provide security guards and specialized security solutions to Southern California. We’re gratified to be part of an industry that sets high standards, and proud that our trained security personnel meet and surpass them.

Are you looking for a specialized security solution from a leading security provider? Call us now or contact us for more information.