Tips for Property Managers to Help Keep Your Property Safe

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Property managers have a long list of concerns. Things like budgeting, tenant liaison, maintenance, janitorial services, supplies, and communication with tenants and the board are just a few. Also on that list is keeping the property secure.

There are multiple ways to do that, but the most efficient is to post a security officer onsite. American Security Force specializes in supplying highly trained security officers for your business. The presence of a live person is an effective deterrent. Thieves and vandals are less likely to approach and enter your property when a security guard is there.

That’s because live guards represent the perfect security triple-threat to wrongdoers: They can observe a crime, or one about to happen; they can call for backup or for the police; and they can intervene directly in stopping or apprehending criminals.

Thieves and vandals understand this triple-threat instinctively, and stay away when live guards are present.

In addition to onsite security, property managers can take steps to secure their property further. It starts with removing the opportunity for criminal action. Encourage your tenants or employees to keep valuables out of sight. Remove them from desks, move them away from doors and windows, and be sure they are not visible in cars. Remove the opportunity and thieves will pass by.

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Installation of security cameras and remote monitoring security is a necessary step for property managers to take. Lights with motion detectors can increase the nighttime illumination, making the property less attractive to criminals. Lighting on timers has the same affect, and provides the illusion that someone is actually present to turn them on.

Maintenance on buildings is on going. There’s always something that needs done. When working outside, remind crews that they should not leave tools and ladders laying out over night. These can be used to reach or pry open windows and doors. Building materials such as 2×4 studs or bricks can also be used to open locked doors or windows, or to vandalize the property.

The doors and windows themselves should also be reviewed to make sure they are secure. Outer doors should be constructed of either metal or solid wood and have deadbolts installed.

Make sure your windows lock, and if you are located in a high-crime neighborhood, install bars on the ones located on the lower floors. It’s also possible to install burglarproof glass on those windows that are easily reached.

If you do have security guards, the ecurity guards must have an hourly plan on the premises and need to stay alert. They cannot and should not be allowed to sleep on the job like in the video below.


Finally, getting to know the neighborhood you are in is very important to keeping your property secure. If you have residential neighbors nearby, get to know them. They can often tell you what is happening at your site when you’re away.

It’s also good to learn the routines of those who travel past your property. Often just watching the goings-on outside can give you a clue to whether or not your site is being observed.

These simple tips will add to the security of your property, reducing crime and vandalism, and ensuring the safety of your tenants or employees.

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