Is Armed Security the Right Choice for Your Business or Property?

Side view of a sheriff's deputy's black patent leather duty belt with holsters and clipsAre you considering armed security for your business or property? There could be some real reasons why you should. At the same time, there are real reasons why you shouldn’t, as well.

Armed security really means you are equipping your security officer with deadly force. The decision to do that, or not to do that, needs to be considered carefully. An armed security guard on your premises means you have introduced that serious threat to your business, your employees and your visitors.

Often the presence of a uniformed security guard is deterrent enough. That visual impact of a guard on duty persuades some who are thinking about robbing or attacking to move on.

For businesses or properties in bad areas, though, an unarmed guard might not be sufficient. They can only do so much and can be over powered when out-sized or out-numbered. If this happens, the business, the employees and possibly its customers could all be at risk.

In these situations, an armed guard may be the right solution. A guard with a weapon represents an amplified deterrent. Knowing that deadly force is now a real possibility, most wrongdoers will decide not to act. When a trained, professional guard is armed, it means your business and property are protected.

There are drawbacks to armed guards, though. In some instances, a situation may escalate simply because the security officer carries a gun. There is also the high probability that once that guard pulls his weapon, shots will be fired.

Armed security is generally more expensive, as well. You won’t just be paying more for the added security level, you could also pay a higher insurance cost, as well. Before deciding, examine your situation carefully to make sure an armed guard is the right solution for your business or property.

Consider your location and what’s happening there. If there have been frequent attacks, you may need armed security. You should also ask what the businesses around you are doing. If they have all hired armed guards, you should consider doing so, as well. You don’t want to be an easy target by being the only business on the block without it.

Also, check with your employees. How would they feel about an armed guard on the premises? Would they feel more secure, or would it make them uneasy?

It’s also a good idea to consult with your attorney and insurance agent. See what your options are, and ask if your insurance covers you for a wrongful shooting.

To find out more about armed guards, call American Security Force. We are a leading supplier of armed security in Southern California. Our armed guards are highly trained in weapons handling and safety. They have to be. The City of Los Angeles has mandated such training for all armed security. We’re proud to say that all of our armed guards have successfully completed this training.

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