Suspicious Packages: What To Do

suspicious packages represent danger to us all

Residents in Austin, Texas are concerned that suspicious packages could be hiding bombs around their city.

For three weeks, a serial bomber in that city terrorized citizens. reports that six different explosions resulted in the deaths of two people. On March 21 the bomber blew himself up after being chased by police.

Now the identity of the bomber has been revealed: 23-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt. But law enforcement and residents are still concerned about the possibility f other explosive devices that haven’t been found yet.

What To Do With Suspicious Packages

While the likelihood of finding a package with a bomb inside is remote, the Austin Bomber illustrates that it is possible. So what can citizens do to protect themselves from these types of incidents?

The first thing you can do is to be vigilant. Pay attention to your surroundings. If you see suspicious packages or parcels that appear out of place, do not approach. Instead, move away to a safe area and call 911 to report it.

It’s important that you do not call while you are near the package. If there is an explosive device inside, your phone’s RF signal could possibly set it off.

You should also keep other people away from the package and if possible, evacuate the area. Don’t activate any switches or fire alarms in the vicinity of the package, either. If there is a device, it could be wired to those and activating them could cause the bomb to explode.

What To Do After An Explosion

If there is an explosion and you are inside a building and can leave safely, do so. You should also direct those around you to leave, as well. Keep everyone calm and speak in a confident voice. You don’t want others to panic.

If you can’t leave, then assume there is another device. Stay away from windows and find a sturdy table and take cover under it. If possible, call 911 and follow their instructions. While you are in the building, do not light matches. There could be a gas leak and an open flame could cause another explosion.

If you need to go down to the first floor, take the stair. Don’t try to use the elevators.

The Bottom Line

In today’s dangerous world of active shooters and serial bombers, knowledge can save lives. Understanding how to proceed when suspicious packages are found or what to do after an explosion, can be what ensures your survival and of those around you.

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