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Jun 17, 2022 | Security Guards, Security Solutions

Any time you get a space where large amounts of people gather, it’s essential that you highly consider a customized plan to have more than adequate security for maximum safety.

Top candidates for security where large crowds gather from all walks of life include food courts, restaurants, and retail shops, all of which can be found at strip malls across the country.

Security should be present inside the establishment and out in the open patrolling the front doors, the parking lots, the back of the buildings and alley ways, as well as making regular rounds around the perimeter of the strip mall.

Strip malls are found on practically every other corner in any given city in America. Small business owners throughout your local community offer their services and create job opportunities for local residents.

As a strip mall owner, you must take the proper measures to assure the safety of your tenants, their employees, and their customers.

Our Los Angeles strip mall security guards must pass backgrounds checks from the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Strip malls have a high concentration of vandals, graffiti artists, taggers, because they are easy targets.

Graffiti artists and taggers especially find strip malls as perfect targets because, although the front of the strip malls are often exposed to bright street lighting where the public can easily spot suspicious activity and call authorities, the back of strip malls are usually dimly lit, unsecured, and under protected. And most of the time they have alley ways that are hardly used by motorists during evening and early morning hours which makes it an opportune time for them to strike.

Graffiti removal and costly repairs to damaged property can be costly each year and take a chunk out your profits while causing your strip center insurance to increase each year. Graffiti alone costs Americans nearly $12 billion dollars each year.

Strip malls of have issues with vagrants loitering on the premises because there is usually the presence of liquor stores and convenience stores like 7eleven.

Liquor stores in and of itself pose a greater risk for property owners because of they because a popular destination on nights and weekends from already drunk customers looking to buy more alcohol for the rest of the evening.

Many fights, assault, rape, and other suspicious activity happen in the parking lots that you own right outside of late night liquor stores and bars as they’re also popular temporary hangouts from drunks, party goers, and thrill seekers passing through for a snack break and liquor run.

This can put visitors to your property in harms way and you can be liable for injuries that they suffered for having a lack of security, inadequate security, negligent security, and improper security.

Time to get serious about protecting your investment and the all the people who set foot on your property each day.

Having a small security team is better than being tied up for years with costly litigation from accidents and injuries on your property (some that can even bankrupt the ownership) that could have been avoidable in the first place.

If you own or manage a strip mall, call American Security Force today and create a personalized plan of action for your strip center that will keep your property and it’s visitors feeling safe, protected and free from undesirable elements and costly repairs and improvements caused by vandals and taggers.

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