Security Technology Enhances Services

security technology is changing the industry

Security technology is growing at an incredible rate. Gone are the days of a lone security guard with a flashlight patrolling a perimeter and recording observations in a logbook. Today, technology has been widely adopted by the industry.  It improves performance, speeds up reporting and enhances capabilities.

Below are three such technologies that are impacting the industry.

Smartphone Apps

There seem to be smartphone apps for everything today.  That includes security. Apps touch on just about every aspect of the industry.  Consider these two.


Everbridge is a location-based alerting system.  It provides real-time monitoring and situational awareness. The Everbridge Event Management Platform helps communications to be quicker and more effective.  It does this by coordinating the command center with security personnel in the field through its smartphone app.


At American Security Force, our guards use a proprietary smartphone app called GuardTrack. The app allows officers to record an event from wherever they might be. Managers and clients can also see that data in real time.

GuardTrack also allows for live video streaming. That feature gives those in a command position a better idea of what is actually transpiring. The video can also be recorded for documentation purposes.

Video Surveillance

Perhaps the most dynamic area of security technology today is video surveillance. Video has exploded since it moved from analog cameras and recording on tape to digital and IP-based systems.

Modern video systems record in full-color HD and are capable of connecting with cameras through Wi-Fi. These features were considered impossible just 10 years ago.

But perhaps the most intriguing part of today’s video surveillance systems is their pairing with artificial intelligence (AI). reports that advanced algorithms can extract data from what the video system “sees.” The AI can be trained to perform functions and because it is “intelligent,” it will improve over time.


Audio is also emerging as a new security technology. New audio platforms are handling everything from sounding alarms to verifying gunshot sounds. Some can even detect growing aggression in individuals.

According to, advanced audio provides indicators that show an event is in progress.  These systems can also help verify that the event is real. In some cases, it can be more effective than video.  It can pick up what might be out of the visual range of a camera. This type of verification can save time and money if the emergency ends up being a false alarm.

Audio adds an additional layer to detection and prevention.

Security Technology: The Bottom Line

As technology continues to advance, the security industry will benefit from it. New, valuable tools will help security professionals protect property and keep our clients safe.

If you want to learn more about how security technology can keep your business and employees from harm, call American Security Force at 855-722-8585.