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Is On-site Security Right For You?

On-site security guards in Los Angeles is designed to be an all-inclusive safety plan for companies who require an elevated amount of security on the premises or wherever it’s best for public safety. The options within this category of service can range from the presence of a security guard team. Full customization of your security detail is a necessity when attempting to cater to the very specific and unique successes you have achieved. Security protection is certainly an elite option that matches our client’s type of lifestyle.

On-site security guard services in California

Private security is growing around the globe


At American Security Force, we know that status can impact all areas of your life including what you need in terms of protection. Los Angeles is home to some of the most successful and famous celebrities on the planet that require personal protection services in their everyday life. According to an article in the LA Times, Los Angeles has recently hit a record-high for crime since 2009. Common crimes range from assault, theft, and murder. An estimated 3.3 million persons are victims of stalking in a given year, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, with cyberstalking continually on the rise. The reality is, Los Angeles attracts people from all walks of life and we encourage our clients to consider how their status may make them a bigger target for criminals.

As your influence grows, so too does your need for intelligent security. VIP Security in Los Angeles offers a presence that doesn’t interfere with running your daily life. We excel in creating a balance of professionalism, safety, and privacy without hindering the image you have cultivated. Respecting and protecting the pieces of your life that you want safe from public scrutiny requires more than mindless muscle. You need intelligent security who knows the city you live in. You need highly-trained, cooperative, communicative, and informed security who is well-versed in the kind of locations, personalities, and decorum that is expected of your lifestyle.
Your success shouldn’t cost you your well-being or peace of mind. Celebrity security services in Los Angeles  can help protect you from potential victimhood. Often, the clients that choose our safety options include:

Specialized Corporate Security in los angeles

Government buildings

Exclusive club buildings and areas

Business districts

Athletic areas

Musical Theaters/TV and acting studios

Customized Safeguards

Our clients are busy people who simply don’t have the time to constantly look over their shoulder or monitor their surroundings for safety. Our clients are also singularly uninterested in living a life that requires the constant presence of fear. That’s what we’re there for! Our tailored protection services can include a variety of options.

Full customization is what sets our security in Los Angeles apart from the competition. Your image, your lifestyle, and your influence are all unique to you. A pre-planned, one-size-fits-all security package simply isn’t the logical step in maintaining your safety. You need a security detail that is as well trained in the demands of being a VIP as you are. You need a team of professionals who recognizes that not all threats are credible, a team uninterested in “adding to the hype” by jumping at shadows.

American Security Force in Los Angeles has years of experience in the common safety concerns faced by the successful and influential. What’s more, our training is constant and consistent as we look toward the evolution of newer types of dangers in the age of the Internet.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Skilled professionals that complete ongoing training
  • Experienced corporate security guards
  • Unarmed protection
  • Preventative safety planning
  • 100% present and alert monitoring
  • Foot patrols
  • Surveillance reviews
  • Investigations of individuals
  • On-site Security teams

Why American Security Force

There are a number of security guard companies in Los Angeles. However, American Security Force is unlike those other operations that simply see security as a money-making opportunity. We care about the safety of our clients, and take pride in providing peace of mind. We know the type of security issues that exist for people, especially famous and established people. What our security team can do for you:

Monitor the behavior of individuals to spot potential threats

Ensure that strangers are kept at a safe distance

Manage interactions with aggressive paparazzi

De-escalate potentially dangerous situations

Disarm and physically restrain violent individuals

Roam around your home or business to guarantee safety

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American Security Force is a leading specialized security guard company dedicated to security services in los angeles. If you are in need of our skilled safety professionals, we are here to help you. To begin, fill out the form on the right or call us at 1-877-722-8585 to get started on your unique security plan. Hire American Security Force today so we can start guarding what matters the most.

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