Security Company vs In-House: What is the Best Choice?

out-sourced security guard on patrol

Would you like to expand your security capabilities at your property or business? In order to protect your employees and your property, it’s a prudent choice. But it also raises a question: Which type of security is the best, hiring an employee or going with an outside security company?

To help make that decision a little easier, we examine both options below.


At first glance, hiring a full-time security employee seems like a good idea. After all, being there everyday means they can gain intimate knowledge about your staff and facility.  As part of the team, they can more easily identify weak points and understand your company’s unique needs.

An employee does face certain challenges, though.  He or she cannot carry out multiple security functions simultaneously.  These employees also operate in a security vacuum. They are not regularly exposed to new security practices or technology because they are not part of a wider security organization.  In addition, they may only receive additional training once a year, if that.

Security Company

Hiring an outside security company has distinct advantages. These firms view security not as a job, but as a calling. It’s what they do. Because it is the core competency of their business, out-sourced security firms keep up with the latest best practices and trends so that they can stay competitive. They make sure their personnel stay trained, as well.

This gives them an incredible advantage when it comes to supplying security services. In most cases the quality is better because they pay attention to it and it is important to them. Having highly trained guards gives them a competitive edge and helps them get more clients.

Hiring a security company could save you money, as well.  Their services often cost less than a full-time employ.

A Partnered Solution

One option that combines both the in-house and out-sourced security models is a partnered solution. This scenario includes a head of security who is also an employee working directly with a security company that augments or supplements the security needs.

This situation retains the benefits of a knowledgeable employee and couples it with the experience and cutting-edge know-how of an out-sourced vendor. It is the best of both worlds.

The Bottom Line

Businesses should go through a risk assessment to understand their security needs. Then they should weigh the benefits versus the costs of both models to determine the best solution for them.

But in today’s world, this should not be a decision that is delayed. Not acting puts your employees and your property at risk. You don’t want your business to be an easy, soft target for shooters or terrorists.

If you would like to get a risk assessment for your business, call American Security Force today at 855-722-8585.