Security Companies: Consolidated Corporations Are Not Always the Best Solution

Security guard monitoring screens for security companies..There are thousands of security companies across the country.  Does their size make a difference when it comes to their ability to deliver services?

This week, reports on the merger of two large security firms. The new company will be one of the largest security corporations in the nation. On the surface, one might think that this larger company is better positioned to meet any security need. But the merger raises questions about the perceived advantages of large corporations in our industry. Can they really supply better security on a day-to-day basis?

There is a difference between large security corporations and private security companies.  Let’s explore them here.

Security Companies are More Nimble

Security companies have the advantage of being nimble over large corporations. They can switch directions quickly when a customer’s needs change.  They have the ability to adjust on the fly when it’s needed.   Because of the corporate structure and its layers of middle-management decision-making, larger firms often don’t have this ability.

Individualized Service

Large corporations and security companies offer similar services. To be cost-effective, though, corporations often apply a cookie-cutter process to working with customers.  It saves time and money.

On the other hand, non-corporate security companies can bring a personal touch to their services. They can take time to understand the individualized needs of each customer and ensure that there is a plan in place to meet each of their needs. They can afford to be more comprehensive in their approach.

More Overhead = Expensive

Businesses that consolidate often put forward the idea that their larger size can now provide a better service to their customers. The truth, however, is that consolidated corporations have more overhead in the form of additional offices, equipment and payroll. Because of that, consolidated corporations are often more expensive when compared to their competition that supply the same services.

For the day-to-day protection of your property or business, a corporation headquartered in another city holds no advantage. Non-corporate security companies are more nimble, offer a more individualized service and are less expensive. In fact, large corporations may not even work with many small businesses because the revenue potential is too small.

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