School Security: Measures Continue to be Adopted

school security measures are growing across the country

Questions about school security are being asked again after a shooting at a Palmdale, California school last week. reports that an argument between two 14-year-old students at Highland High School escalated, leaving one shot in the arm. That student is expected to recover. Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the call in significant numbers around 7:05 am and cleared the school.

The fourteen-year-old shooter has been charged with attempted murder.

School Security Measures Continue

Since the Parkland, Florida school shooting in February, districts around the country have been taking steps to make their schools safer. Here is what some districts are doing.

     Armed Teachers in Georgia Schools

In April, Laurens County Schools agreed to train teacher volunteers on how to safely carry guns on school grounds. Now, three more Georgia districts are set to vote on similar steps this month.

     New Threat Alert Phone App Being Used

The system is called In Force, and it ties the administration in schools to police dispatchers and cruisers through the app. Use of the system when there is an active shooter situation can reduce notification times to as little as 12 seconds!

According to, In Force is in use in 60 communities in Massachusetts and has a presence in another 13 or 14 states.

     Internal Security Force in Sarasota

Last month, the Sarasota County School board decided to create its own security department. This was a major shift away from a previous program that used law enforcement officers.

    PA School Safety Plans in Executive Session

A bill in the Pennsylvania legislature would allow school safety plans to be discussed away from the public, in Executive Session. The measure is meant to help school officials who struggle to come up with security procedures for students. It also gives them the opportunity to create plans without continued public scrutiny.

The Bottom Line

While districts are moving toward making their schools safer, the Highland High School shooting illustrates that we still have work to do before all of our schools are safe.

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