School Security: Attack Happened When No Guard Was Present

school security might have protected a girl on a Dayton playgroundLast Friday a seven-year-old girl was stabbed while playing on a school playground. It happened at the World of Wonder Elementary School in Dayton, Ohio. The attacker walked onto the grounds, stabbed the girl and ran off on foot.  Inadequate school security could be to blame.

On Monday of this week, the little girl was released from the hospital, but the attacker had not yet been arrested.

Yesterday, the family of the little girl asked the Dayton Public Schools to make security changes. WDTN.com reports that they wanted assurances that the school would be safe before they allowed the girl to return. They also wanted to know what happened? Were there security lapses that led to the attack?

No School Security Present

CBS News reports that there is a typically a security guard posted at the school. However, on the day of the attack, the officer was not on duty because of illness.

The WDTN.com report notes that the district’s policy calls for a “liaison with the district” is to fill in when there is a security guard vacancy. The challenge that the school faced last week, though, was that no one was available on the day of the stabbing. So, there was no guard on duty.

Deterrent Power

While it might not be reasonable to say that the absence of the security guard led to the attack, the reverse could be argued: Had the guard been on duty, the attack might never have occurred. That’s because of the deterrent power of a security guard.

When attackers see a guard, they know they’re not going to get away with whatever it is they were planning to do. So they abandon their plans. It is very likely to assume that if a guard had been on duty at the World of Wonder playground last Friday, the attack never would have happened.

That’s the power of having a security guard on-site, whether it is a school, business, or property.

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