Robots: Collaboration is Not Far Away


robots will be collaborators with humans

Robots and automation have changed many industries around the world. Some might claim that those changes are not always for the better. Discussions about using robots in an industry that requires humans can make people nervous. They begin to fear for their jobs. Those that work in the security industry are no different.

But explains that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s Work Together

In an article entitled, Collaborative Robots: Working Together for the Better, author Steve Rainharz writes, “robots developing human attributes and becoming more intelligent doesn’t mean they’re going to take all of our jobs.” Instead, he argues that as robots become more intelligent and capable, we will actually collaborate with them.

In fact, it’s happening now and the expectation is that our partnership with smart machines will only grow. Experts predict that the global market for these types of mechanisms will be worth $95 billion over the next six years.

Real World Examples

Amazon has taken the lead in this area. They are using some 100,000 robots to lift and stack inventory in their warehouses around the world. But they have also added 80,000 warehouse workers! The humans and the machines are collaborating well in this environment.

Other industries where they are making an impact include healthcare, agriculture, construction and security.

Collaborative Robots in Security

The use of robots in the security sector should not be viewed as a threat but rather an opportunity. These machines will free up security personnel to focus on more high-level tasks. They can fill security voids and monitor vast spaces such as those on campuses more efficiently.

Security robots can already provide an unbiased, comprehensive view of any environment. But with two-way radio and video capability, they will be to alert a command center of potential threats. Thus, the machine will directly collaborate with humans.

The Bottom Line

The use of security robots will grow over the next decade. The perceived threat they pose to the jobs of security workers will diminish as they prove their value. Collaboration in the security sector may not occur right away, but it’s just a matter of time before humans and smart machines are working together.

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