Remote Monitoring Gives You Peace of Mind…And is Easier on Your Budget

remote monitoring security for los angeles businesses

Business owners and property managers in Southern California deal with many issues. One that might keep them up at night is worry over what is happening at their property after hours, while they are not there.

One answer that might help is having a security guard on the premises. But because of budgetary concerns, that is not always the right solution for all businesses.

But, as it has done in other industries, technology can provide an alternative.

Recent advances in wireless and internet technology have made remote monitoring a more affordable security option for businesses.

Today’s technology allows for smaller cameras with better resolution that can operate wirelessly. This means that cameras can be placed anywhere, without the need for running electric and video cables.

Remote monitoring security company in Los Angeles

To make use of this advanced technology, American Security Force upgraded our entire technology infrastructure.   The upgrade included new modems and fiber optic cable to increase video download speeds. In addition, we created an advanced, command center that will allow us to remotely monitor the properties of our clients who enroll in our Remote Monitoring service.

It provides an affordable alternative to 24-hour, onsite security guards for clients with budget constraints. The service is simple and straightforward.

We install high-resolution, wireless cameras around your business property. Our staff will then monitor your property remotely, at our command center. If there is a problem, we will call the proper authorities.

As part of our Remote Monitoring service, we also offer a reception service that can take calls for your business after hours.

Our Remote Monitoring service provides property managers and business owners with the peace of mind of knowing that their property is being monitored when they are away. It is also an attractive alternative for those with tight budgets. You won’t spend the additional money to have a security guard onsite after hours.

To learn more about our Remote Monitoring service, visit our website You can also call us at 323-722-8585 to speak to one of our representatives.