Protecting Your Hotel and Resort Property

Being the center of the entertainment industry has made Southern California a tourist destination. Thousands flock here throughout the year to soak up the cultural vibe, enjoy California’s warm weather and to sightsee. To accommodate travelers the region has a high number of hotels and resorts.

Along with the large number of tourists to our area comes crime. Burglaries and violent acts are highest during the summer months, when tourism peaks. Travelers are easy and attractive targets: They have credit cards or cash, don’t always know their way so they are easy to spot and are often preoccupied with sightseeing or other activities so they are not being cautious.

Securing your hotel or resort property and keeping your guests safe are vitally important to your business if you want travelers to stay with you in the future.


Sites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp have made it easy for travelers to research hotel properties online, where others have left reviews. It is very important, then, for hotels and resorts to get positive comments. To get those, they must continually please their guests.

The last thing a business like this wants is a disgruntled guest leaving a negative review because they felt unsafe or had articles stolen.

Reviewers who claim a hotel or resort is unsafe can do serious harm to the reputation of that property. To ensure your hotel or resort gets the positive comments it deserves, be sure to have ample and visible security on the premises.

Hotel Crime

Crime at hotels and resorts is real. reported that in 2008 there were over 45,000 violent and property crimes that occurred at a hotel or motel.

Beyond getting a bad reputation, there is also a liability concern for these businesses. explains that, “Under most circumstances, if a guest or other patron is a victim of a crime on hotel property, the hotel is not liable for their injuries… However, it is possible that a hotel is partially responsible for criminal acts due to inadequate measures taken to protect guests.”

Thus, to avoid liability, it is imperative that hotels and resorts take precautions to secure their property and keep guests safe. One of the best ways to do that is with security guards.

The presence of officers from American Security Force serves as a deterrent to criminal behavior. Their presence on the property also ensures that those who attempt to engage in this type of activity are apprehended until law enforcement arrives.

Parking Lots

Larger hotels and resorts typically have separate parking lots or garages away from the main building. Parking areas are perfect places for burglars and thieves. They are typically understaffed and not lit well at night. There are also many columns or dark cut outs in the walls where burglars can hide while they wait for travelers walking to and from their cars.

Travelers typically drive rental cars while on vacation and these vehicles are easy to spot, as well. Most rental companies attach their logo to the cars. Burglars often find loot left behind in these vehicles because tired travelers often forget to take valuables into the hotel with them.

According to more than 1 in 10 property crimes in 2008 occurred in a parking garage. That totaled over 2 million crimes!

Posting additional security in parking areas can deter would-be burglars and intervene with those who behave suspiciously.

Emergency Services

Guards from American Security Force are also trained to administer first aid to injured or sick staff and guests in the event of an emergency.

When assigned to a location, one of the first tasks of an officer is to learn the layout of each building and facility. By doing so, they are able to help in emergency response situations such as earthquakes, mudslides or fires by guiding staff and guests to safe areas.

Enhancing the security at your hotel or resort can reduce your liability and reduce the likelihood of crime and theft on your property. Taking this step will lead to creating a secure and safe place for your guests, which in turn will deliver the positive reviews your business needs.  With these positive reviews, guests will continue to stay with you into the future.

To learn more about how American Security Force can keep your hotel or resort property safe and secure call us today at 877-722-8585.