Professional Security: Facing Danger Everyday

professional security faces an angry world

You may have noticed that sometimes a negative story appears in the news media about a security guard. When it happens, it’s unfortunate. It can cause those outside of professional security to think less of the industry and those that work in it. But that view doesn’t take into account everything guards face today.

The popular image of a security guard is someone who works in a quiet warehouse or building overnight. That image isn’t a true one. Today security guards face circumstances that didn’t exist just ten or fifteen years ago.

Professional Security in an Angry World

Protests seem to break out with little provocation and can turn violent. Opiate addiction is on the rise in many of our urban areas causing crime and aggressive behavior. People’s tempers are on edge for any number of reasons that include their views on politics to racial tensions.

The world has become an angrier place and the potential for violence is on the rise.

To make mattes worse, police are stretched thin in many of our urban areas and are unable to respond quickly. That leaves just the onsite security guard. Often, they are often put into situations that were previously handled by law enforcement. But because of the rise in bad behavior guards are forced to step in to try and control the situation.

When that happens, there is a risk that things might not go well.

Security Guard Shootings

In the last week, two shooting incidents occurred that involved professional security. The first happened at a casino in Arizona on December 30. Two guards were shot when they responded to a disturbance in a guest room. Philip Archuleta, age 28 and 50-year-old Latosha White both died from their wounds.

The suspected shooter shot himself in the head after police trapped him in a nearby house.

The second incident happened in Canton, Ohio on December 3. Russel Hazel, a 33-year-old security guard, was shot in the neck during a confrontation at the nightclub where he worked. The suspected shooter fled the scene but was later arrested by U.S. Marshals.

The Bottom Line

These incidents demonstrate the potential danger that professional security guards face when they report to work. Guards are filling a void, stepping in to keep the peace and keep others safe while getting very little thanks for it.

So, to all the security guards who stand ready at their posts, we just wanted to say “Thanks.

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