Private Security is Bolstering Campus Police Departments

Dec 2, 2015 | Security Solutions

As security concerns increase after the terror attacks in Paris, more and more colleges and universities are looking to private security as a cost-effective way to bolster their existing campus police forces.

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia is among them. reports that VCU has decided to expand its partnership with a private security firm. That company provides nightly patrols on and around campus while also providing highly visible support to campus police. The private officers even patrol campus on bicycles.

Private Security is Cost-Effective

Security Magazine explains that, “By outsourcing some of its policing needs…VCU is increasing a security presence and finding success within its challenging budgetary landscape.” The university will save about $30,000 each year.

Private security is cost effective because providing security services is their core competency. It’s what they do. These companies understand how to control the costs for their services. Colleges and universities are large institutions focused on education, not security. Because of that, they deal with over time and limited staff concerns that hamper their ability to provide adequate security. Private firms do not.


As noted above, the mission of a college or university is to educate, while private security’s mission is to provide security. Thus, private security firms focus on those services. If they want to stay competitive, they are constantly looking for ways to improve. Thus, private firms bring a level of expertise with them when hired. It’s what they do, and they know how to do it right.


Private security companies can work when and where a campus needs them, without the concern of staffing an unpopular event or paying overtime. Colleges and universities can bring in extra security for special events and then reduce the level of service over holidays, for example, when students are not on campus.

High Tech Solutions

Advanced security solution providers such as American Security Force bring to the table the latest technological solutions to their security services. Private security makes this technology available to campuses without them having to research it, lay out the funds to purchase it, or train personnel to get them up to speed on it.

With the growing concern of domestic terrorism, colleges and universities will continue to turn to private companies such as American Security Force to supplement their campus police teams.

If you would like more information about how American Security Force can heighten the level of your campus security, call us at 877-722-8585.


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