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Looking for An Alternative to Security Guards Alone?

American Security Force (ASF) can place our remote surveillance systems anywhere you need security coverage–separate from or in combination with traditional security guard services. Each portable and complete unit will serve as a strong visual deterrent while offering observation and recorded evidence via cameras, lights for warning and alerting bystanders, remote monitoring, and response options. Plus, the related security and property management team can achieve these results without marked
expense in labor-hours.

You can position oursystems in remote areas as well as in venues where security and safety concerns typically apply:

• Corporate and Public Campuses and Complexes
• Shopping and Entertainment Centers
• Construction Projects
• Parking Lots
• Community Events and Festivities
• Fields for Agriculture and Natural Resources
• Logistics and Distribution Yards.

Feel free to request a site assessment and consultation on our
website or via phone or email.


Our units are suitable for typical public venues as well as for isolated and difficult-to-access areas. The use of solar panel power with battery backups helps to eliminate complications involved with direct wiring. Our system solutions are easily portable and can be deployed in just minutes, providing remote video surveillance quickly and effectively. They offer features such as video alarm notifications when individuals enter restricted areas and two-way conversation capabilities through the use of built-in microphones. They can also supply the immediate area with Wi-Fi.

• Up to 360-Degree Views of your property site.
• Two to Four Cameras (depending on model of unit) allowing multidirectional observation.
• High-Definition Video and Audio Recording and Streaming.
• Camera Options such as thermal license plate capture, motion
detection and high-definition video.
• Cameras set on an extendable boom.
• Support for additional lights.
• Zoom images up to 800 percent on any part of the picture.
• One-way Audio Warning Speaker Included.
• Option to Add Anti-Loitering Technology.
• Option to Plug Into Electrical Outlets If Available.
• Solar Panels Provide Power Supplement and Options.
• Mobility/Portability Allows Rapid Repositioning as Needs/
and Environment Change.

Specific surveillance units can be equipped with boom or robust pole to add to height of observation. If set to alarm, a unit can sound a loud alarm or play a recorded message to warn intruders they are in danger of security response. Authorized users can talk, listen, and carry on two-way conversations with persons on the monitored site.

We can assemble, ship, and support set-up of our systems throughout the United States.

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