Bodyguards are an essential part of any security plan, especially for people who live a VIP lifestyle. American Security Force employs bodyguards that have the highest skills to offer clients complete personal protection. Whether you need security around the clock or would like an added layer of protection while you attend an event, our trained professionals are there for you.

Hire Bodyguard in Los Angeles
Hire Bodyguard in Los Angeles

Why Hire a BodyGuard in Los Angeles?

According to recent statistics from Area Vibes, Los Angeles violent crime rate is 23% higher than compared to the California average. Couple that statistic with the fact that many high-profile people call Los Angeles their home and it becomes apparent that bodyguard services are a recommended security measure. Typical clients that hire bodyguards include:

  • Entertainers
  • Musicians
  • Reality stars
  • Actors
  • Celebrities
  • Corporate executives


Public figures attract the attention of all kinds of people. For the most part, people are just excited to meet someone famous. However, there are occasions where being star-struck transforms into something dangerous. If you feel that your personal security is in jeopardy, American Security Force has your back.


What We Offer

Bodyguards offer a personal approach to safety. Our security team is trained to pinpoint weakened security, plan for potential threats, and execute protection measures that keep our people safe. Our services can include:

  • Full-time or part-time personal protection
  • Armed or unarmed security services
  • Ability for bodyguards to travel with the client
  • Management of unruly crowds
  • Behavior specialists
  • Handling violent threats
  • Patrolling the client’s vicinity
  • Responding to emergencies

American Security Force provides an all-inclusive approach when it comes to safeguarding our client’s life, personal space, home, and assets. We keep our eyes and ears open so that our clients can relax and enjoy their life.


More about American Security Force Bodyguards

Our bodyguards are among the elite in the business. We know that in order to properly serve our clients, we have to make sure that our team is skilled and ready to handle any situation. We require our security personnel to do the following:

  • Continue advanced preparation to enhance physical and mental ability
  • Encouraged to complete management training
  • Develop interpersonal skills to handle a variety of situations
  • Stay abreast of laws and crime trends


Reviews From Our Clients

Had the security guard arrive on in uniform, exceptionally prompt. Responded quickly to my security need that same day. I fully recommend this company.
Raven L., Los Angeles

I highly recommend American Security Force. If you are looking for a security service with efficient and satisfactory service, you don’t have to bother yourself in thoroughly looking for it. American Security Force will surely pass your checklist of a great security service firm.
Gracienett C., Los Angeles

Five Stars
Allyssa D., Los Angeles

How to Hire Us

If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to hire a bodyguard, you’ve come to the right place. To begin, fill out the form on the right or call us at 1-877-722-8585. We will create a customized security plan that will suit your lifestyle and protection needs. American Security Force understands that VIP-status requires a specialized approach. Our team is trained and ready to serve you.