The city of Farmington, New Mexico has a rich history Native American history dating back over 2,000 years ago. The land became inhabited by the Navajo, Jicarilla Apache, and the Utes, which add to the cultural diversity found in Farmington, New Mexico until today.



It is also known and famous for the Four Corners, the region of the United States consisting of the Southwestern corner of Colorado, Northwestern corner of New Mexico, Northeastern corner of Arizona and Southeastern corner of Utah known as the quadripoint where the boundaries of the four states meet and the Four Corners Monument is located. It is also the most populous city in the Four Corners region is Farmington, New Mexico. Farmington, New Mexico has seen development and several booms of business in the oil and gas industry during the 20th century that are still present-day still remain a staple for the area.


The need for security is in highly needed in the oil and gas industry. American Security Force is able to provide security guard services and work preventing unorganized, opportunistic crime that comes from access to production facilities and construction sites, and gated access controlled areas. The vast majority of oil and gas industry employees are hardworking, loyal, and law-abiding. Still, even a good person can be tempted by an easy opportunity or be driven to a desperate act by difficult circumstances, don’t take a chance. Call Now and find out how American Security Force help implement Specialized Security tailored to your business and day to day operations.

Services provided in the city of Farmington New Mexico
• Commercial Security
• Mobile Patrol Services
• Access Control Security
• Security Guard Services

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