Las Vegas got its boom in population and history beginning with the Hoover Dam when work started population exploded with new comers looking for a job building the dam. It helped sky rocket the entertainment industry to male workforce and with the help of the Las Vegas business owners, financers, and Mafia crime lords helped develop the casinos. Nevada state legislature legalized gambling at the local level in 1939. Development and the growth is ever more present in the state of Nevada. North Las Vegas has seen the rapid change and development for housing population has risen and with tourism so has the flow of economy in the area.


Freemont North Las Vegas

With a high in flux of visitors daily that travel to Las Vegas to enjoy the entertainment and casinos, emotions can run high and can be a formula for trouble at times. With the state of the art camera systems being monitor at all times, still does not compare to the impact physical security can do in any given situation. Don’t hesitate and Call Us to inquire.


North Las Vegas Outlets

Other high traffic visits are often to the Las Vegas shopping malls and Outlet stores. The more bodies of people going in and out of shopping stores can be seen as a distraction to the sales people in the store leaving a person with intend to steal an open opportunity to strike. American Security Force has trained professionals to spot and take measures to prevent further loss.

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