Lawsuit: Mandalay Bay Sued for Improper Security

lawsuit filed against Mandalay Bay for October shooting

More than 100 survivors of the fatal Las Vegas shooting massacre filed a lawsuit this month.  It maintains Mandalay Bay did not have proper security in place. On October 1, 2017, shooter Steven Paddock opened fire on a crowd enjoying a concert outside of the hotel. Fifty-nine people were killed and more than 500 others injured.

The Lawsuit

According to KGTV’s 10News, the lawsuit is described as massive and is being brought against the hotel and MGM Resorts, its parent company. The suit argues that survivors suffered unnecessarily and claims their injuries could have been avoided.

The reason for that assertion is because the Gaming Commission had already warned Mandalay Bay that it needed to improve its security but the casino and its parent company chose to do nothing about it. The Gaming Commission described the hotel as a soft target for a mass shooting. The survivors’ attorney maintains that the hotel and its owners knew there was a problem and had a responsibility to fix it.

Not The First Suit

This most recent lawsuit against Mandalay Bay is one of more than 20 filed since the shooting. reports that more than 15 suits were brought in October 2017 as victims sought compensation for their injuries. In November 2017, five additional lawsuits were filed on behalf of more than 450 victims .

The November suits maintain that the hotel “breached their duty of reasonable care” because they did not notice the large amounts of weapons and ammunition that Paddock brought into his room. It also argues that the Mandalay Bay staff did not respond quickly enough when security guard Jesus Campos was shot. That happened prior to Paddock firing on the crowd.  According to the suit, a more timely response might have avoided the massacre from ever happening.

Many agree that these suits could be in litigation for years.

The Bottom Line

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